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News radio. Thank you, Pat 7 45 sports Time with BK and let's start with the Stanley Cup finals. You know, April May I don't care what language you speak. Overtime winners and hockey are always exciting and last night in Montreal was no different manager today. No, That's Jason. Oh, certainly think you can hear the excitement on the Canadians. French radio broadcast the haves 32 winners over visiting Las Vegas Punch your ticket to the Stanley Cup finals, winning their third round series in six games. Montreal is going to 33 Stanley Cup finals and won an NHL best 23. Their last coming all the way back in 1993 when they beat the Kings. Fun fact. That's the last time a Canadian team hoisted the cup. They'll await the winner of tonight's Game seven in Tampa between the Lightning and the Islanders last night on the hardwood, the Clippers got back in their Western Conference final series with the Sons winning game 316 92 in LA La Land. Game four Saturday in L. A. We've got Rocky's baseball for this afternoon, right here on K away news, radio and streaming free of charge and I heart radio Colorado headed to Milwaukee to start three games said with the brew crew. John Gray goes for the rocks. Corbyn Burns for the Brewers are pre game coverage comes your way at one 31st pitch to 10 and perhaps to see you alums Emma Coburn and Val Constantine, who finished 1st and 3rd, respectively in steeplechase last night at the U. S Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon. Coburn's headed to her third straight Olympics, which start next month in Tokyo for constant who grew up in Edwards and ran at battle Mountain High, she admitted it wasn't until recently. She started thinking about repping the U. S and the Olympics. I don't know. It just seems like three weeks ago, I woke up and decided I could do this and so it was really fun and goals. Change in dreams get bigger and so I'm really happy that this has happened. It's the first time so you'll have to alums competing in the same event at the Olympics five years ago In Rio. Coburn won bronze. She finished eighth in steeplechase in London in 2012. Sports and raining crystalline care in his radio on Broncos Bob.

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