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This frigging milwaukee playing at miller park in milwaukee the brewers lead one nothing that game is in the fourth boston travels to texas tonight there in the second inning nothing nothing here's crawford crawford one for two and the pitch is a strike at the knees noballs in one strike manson is on deck posey's at second belt is at first and the wonder crawford crawford takes low arizona in houston that game is underway in arizona and it's nothing nothing oh good will host the orioles tonight seattle will host the angels tonight here's the one to crawford it's on its way we're gonna drive into the gap and right center field that nobody's there posey scores belt is on the move what is his way but i'm in here's the cutoff the throw home not in time crawford clears the basis the giants scored three times now here in the fourth yeah they hit parade continues hey double for brandon crawford one of those runs charge to seems the other two in the city to mccarthy so here's hanson anson is doubled home two and he's get a two run home run yeah the pitch and he takes outside and high one ball and no strikes.

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