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Israel, Richard Carmona, America discussed on Mac and Gaydos


And we're gonna talk to doctor criminal while I read a study in Israel that they they have seventeen thousand positive tests but they believe they have well over two hundred thousand people that have already had it but we're only looking at a certain amount you know remain so people just going in how many of these people were in the hospital that's also the big one that's the one thing you and I've said that we can at least really quantify well even in your right we're gonna talk to a doctor Richard Carmona he's a former US Surgeon General United States of America and we'll ask him you know do we open up too early got to wear uniforms that's true does are you ready for phase two he still has the uniforms I would hope so to all the surgeon general's wear uniforms sixty uniforms and also you know he also is leading the university of Arizona's re entry campus plan so he's gonna get all the kicks back a little coming back from space what you re entry so Carmona is coming up in in a bit but is Arizona.

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