A new story from Skip and Shannon: Undisputed


That ban team man i mean that that's loaded football team right who built it how we roseman and how he roseman played what he played nothing he's right now he didn't play an icecool employee and junior high middle school he didn't play in anything he wanted as a little kid to be a gm and he put all his eggs in that basket went to business school and he worked his way up the executive type letter the internal laterite and he learned the game sort of from the inside outright and look what he just wrought dra in for those of that was a great job about and he lost a power struggle with do you did for luanda in in different lower brings them back and in walla walla in his hard skip because that's the hardest thing is because they were so great they want everybody to study to practice and do everything that they did but everybody doesn't have that ability if you look at the great coach phil jackson was just a guy we've just a guy that you get on the novel like a linney wilkinson to haul the paper and coat but for the most part the great coaches they didn't play or they would just like marginal players licking samper kevin durant worth russell westbrook james harden who how i mean you got you route 3 hall and just think he wants had all for you guys in the absolute old old your squad sampras geographic player not no i don't know how many of you blame either listless look at my san antonio spurs because that guys made a lot of gay with ginobili and parker and stealing coli from larry bird rc buford check his back ran out he was a walk on football player at oklahoma state a football player i couldn't play right so that you did he know about that uh the is in the hall of fame work he he wore his first round picks were john of the dog array lewis okay now then he got aired and jamal lewis terror.

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