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Them in the fourth round and marla mac and the fifth round. I'm perfectly fine with mac in the fifth round but t._y. In the fourth runs a little bit too soon for me three receiver p._r. We'll we'll we'll. I think we'll goes on vacation a lot. I hear maybe he's just been away since last friday or something. He just didn't his off <hes> so he's probably really excited about those pick. I'm sorry what were you saying. I was just gonna agree with jamie i would. There's no way i'd be taken to colts in the top five rounds right now. I would not want to call it as my top players. I will say use advanced. Mcdonald's going to win anyone their league. I don't think tony pollard is going to win and ezekiel elliott owner their league. I think if you're investing in zeke elliott in the first round yes you probably want to snag tony pollard but but there's something to be said for for for making a bet that zeke will report <hes> so i can kind of understand well if he if he was intentionally skipping on pollard. If you're picking zeke five you're expecting to report or else. He wouldn't be taking zeke. Five is essentially what i'm getting it. Yeah i think one thing also take into account will was picking fifth now wills done enough drafts with us dave in particular to know that dave probably does not willis to our podcast that dave not a vance mcdonald's donald fan. I'm gonna pull up the draft. I'm saying this to see if anybody else had tight ends in the eighth round. Well maybe advancement donald on the way back jamie. The point is the point. Is you know if you are zeke owner. Just like ben had said you have to go a little earlier on tony pollard and you cannot expect him to last until the ninth round. It's wealthy league no but that's my that's my point is that you take him knowing that you can maybe get advancement way back and so it's it's reading the board not necessarily looking at okay okay to ben's point vance. Mcdonald could be a league winner <hes> so just in terms of how the draft unfolded. I don't know who had tight. Dave harry had a tight end so he picked after him. He had george kettle yeah. We'll is right in the middle of the round. Though so i mean they're like a bunch of what i'm saying is he. He had an opportunity to see does. Does anybody have a tight end and just in terms advance mcdonald advancement donald angelini walker went after his or with his pick and then after his there may have been a chance for one of those guys to fall back to him where he took justin jackson in round nine. Yeah actually three of the four people behind him already had tight ends. It looks like and it's really interesting in the next round. He takes justin jackson who is a player that almost all of his value is dependent on melvin gordon not reporting <hes>. I'm kinda jamie here if you would. I'm tony polar advancement..

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