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Latest on the body a little shredding mattiace found in confirmed we also want to i wanna let you know a few things number one there's been some really big breaking news about the fusion gps hillary clinton democrat story tonight we'll get into that a little bit later but i can tell you that hillary and the democrat national committee the dnc day paid for the golden showers dossier that was their work yes there was collusion with the russians turns out of wasn't trump it was the democrats and hillary that we're going to get into next at thirty eddie gossage president of texas motor speedway joining me we're gonna talk about uh the final race if you can believe it can you believe the final race for dale earnhardt jr and and then at ten forty five all my goodness dr robert jeffers astra first baptist alice my pastor is in a there's a a spat a a war going on with a us senator from nebraska and dr jefferson's demanding he apologized to him and his church and all my gosh this is just busting out and is only going to get bigger and we're going to talk to dr jefferson at eight fortyfive live on that so we are absolutely jampacked with tons of stuff was kid right into it so the sad news is that we now have confirmation that that is little sharon matthews body and we also now here that the father changed his story he went in and changes are on on on out now nodded and put her out the backyard because she wouldn't drink now now i took her into the garage here we go oh i took her into the garage she wasn't drinking milk i was trying to force her to drink of milk she started drinking it then i assisted her physically and then she was choking and get the these lies a quarter properly she was coughing and breathing her breeding slow ci choked on milk in the garage how do you choke on milk howdy chuck on note unless you're laughing right which you know what i mean we've all had that route were in combating enough but this wasn't laughter how do you choke on milk she was coughing and her breathing slowed eventually uh the.

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