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Really sump is not just another thing to invest in at its it if it gets more stable could replace banks how about that now you're interested right so that will be available on the dj talking podcasts it'll be ready when it's ready jay talking podcast six 175 410 thirty somebody asked me well what do you want this a new year which your resolution well my resolution is to have a body like claude van damme or at least in how more like claude van damme then mickey rourke and probably more likely van damme the mine you know he's got an awesome body iggy pop iggy pop as the body of a 21yearold and the face of a ninety yearold but that is a bit of a non sequitur you know we've been talking about well off and on about what's going on in the world today in but i hope for for the new year he this is what i hope for and i gotta call upon both sides to rearrange priority so that rather than being right or regaining power that the the number one priority is the restoration of human dignity in the last two years europe campaign a year of presidency human dignity is gone where is fighting like animals both verbally and physically has too bad you have wave you now civilization can pretty high of the egyptians than then well and greeks and roma's in that pouf it was the dark ages again well with canada and that it's things started looking pretty good there for wildfires treating human beings with dignity treating each other with dignity and that.

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