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Supermarket here's NBC ten first alert meteorologist Brittney Shipp overnight increasing clouds showers possible towards the morning temperatures in the mid fifties and by the afternoon we are tracking more showers and the possibility of a thunderstorm with a high of sixty eight degrees heading into the weekend partly cloudy skies to start on Saturday but scattered showers quickly move and and even the possibility of a few drenching thunderstorms possible especially in the afternoon with a high of seventy five degrees by Sunday partly cloudy dry and comfortable high of seventy I'm a B. C. ten first alert meteorologist Brittney Shipp with your most accurate forecast count on it Facebook will shift to more permanently embracing remote work even after coronavirus lockdown Starkey fees CBS is Matt Piper has more on a video call its CEO had with employees in a live stream on Facebook here at Facebook about ninety five percent of the of the company are more are working remotely company CEO mark Zuckerberg says they'll start allowing some of the fifty thousand employees and new recruits to work from home on a permanent basis and he predicts much of the social media giant within the next decade will work that way anyway I think that it's quite possible that over the next five to ten years about fifty percent of our people I could be working remotely it comes after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently announced his employees could work from home forever to mac paper CBS news how former White House Butler who served eleven presidents has died after contracting coronavirus Wilson Roosevelt German was ninety one years old German initially retired in the nineties but went back to work at the White House before leaving again in twenty twelve under then president Obama Michelle Obama in the statement said of German.

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