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That all which makes me think of cinerama the home filming technique but you know different cinerama don't wanna get distracted here but it's it seems like a big focus i don't mind it for an episode i think this episode being more travel focused on a double leg i think it's cool i don't think i wanted to go back this way every time because it does kinda shift things a bit i guess maybe if they were going around the whole world but this seems more like a detour into possibly different leg but the razor seemed to love it and when the racers are having fun while most of the racers were having fun it's hard to not feel that feel that abets and i've gone on record as saying that i don't mind the product placement at all because product placement keeps the lights on for everybody so i really think it's l k and in this case it is a natural fit for a tour company to want to sponsor a show about travel and i don't even mind that we did take a little bit more of a travel focus here because it was really spectacular scenery the tasks were a little man you know that's okay every once in a while i mean i'm thinking specifically i always go back to the sudbury leg for this nothing is ever going to be quite that platon but this yeah this was okay and it was really a treat take back to bangkok like i think the amazing race could go there in every season of every iterations and i'd be happy it's just such a greatlooking city with so many different aspects that you could highly mean you think they did go there you know in a miseries twenty six were they went to the cadidate cafe but i look at the task of things they did generally it was very different so i mean that shows you at least you know because i was a little concerned when i saw the bottle i wonder how many things that are doing now they did before.

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