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We're the blind spots are for this team. In terms of the draft and player development, jamison Williams sits right in that blind spot. So it's such a tremendous ask for them to take him and get it to work because it's everything that that's been elusive to them for the last 5 or 6 years or maybe longer. Yeah, I feel like that's why I've gravitated towards the guy like a lava if they're going to go first round because he's the type of technician that usually succeeds here. Right. I'm more on day two for that reason too. You know, I think there are other names that obviously we can throw out there and we'll probably I was like, you know, obviously repeating definitely will. The patrons will end up taking Drake London or something like that just to torture me. Oh, you love Drake London. Oh my gosh. Big Drake London guy. The NFL mock draft database. He's not a consensus first round pick. Good. Because here's the biggest problem with Drake London, okay? He's 6 foot 5, 210 pounds. The guy's a green bean, right? He's not Mike Evans. Everybody wants to cop him in Mike Evans. Mike Evans was 6 5, 230 pounds, right? Drake London is not that size. He's much skinnier. He's much thinner than a guy like Mike Evans. He doesn't have the play strength of a guy like Mike Evans. Oh God, foot speed, not there. Route running ability, good for a 6 foot 5 receiver. What does that mean? That means bad, right? Saying a guy who runs good rats for 6 foot 5 is just admitting that the guy's a bad route runner. That's the type of guy that they like because he's big, he can block, he can go up and get the ball and they'll draft him and he will be Nikhil Harry again, right? Like it's just the same thing. Right. If he runs in the four fours and I'll change my mind, but he's not going to. He's going to run mid four 5s. I'm sure of it. And a lot of people that I respect, a lot of really big draft experts, Todd mcshay, Dan brugler from the athletic, you know, a lot of these guys have Drake London very, very high on their boards. So I'm definitely in the breaking from the pack this year between trade London, Devin Lloyd. You just hate to pack 12, clearly. You're just still bitter at the pack 12 for you. It's in the hill thing, right? The thing that I always come back to with Devin Lloyd is I think what happens with guys like Devin Lloyd is that people type in Devon Lloyd's name on YouTube, they pull up Devon Lloyd highlight best linebacker in the nation and they watch 5 minutes of Devin Lloyd wrecking shop on a highlight reel, right? But when you actually go and you study Devin Lloyd's tape and you break down him play by play, he's very, very raw from off the ball. He doesn't understand how to take on contact. He doesn't click into blocking schemes very quickly. He's just a raw processor from off the line of scrimmage and quite frankly, just didn't look very interested in taking on very many blocks. So yeah, I can post a bunch of highlights of Devin Lloyd where he's unblocked and he's just allowed to just trigger to the football and he's a ridiculous missile and just taking guys out, but the second that.

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