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He was really impressive with how he would hang in the pocket something that you don't really see with freshmen, especially freshman going up against Nick Saban thing to be clear with what Dan said earlier Lawrence. And who's the why is it Ross the white music with the freshman. It's two more years. Two more years at Clemson. Yeah. The system keeps them there for three seasons if you play them right away and Clemson had three guys who were suspended for last night's game. And they still beat them that badly, which is pretty amazing, but people writing off Nick Sabin today. It's ludicrous that save it's done Daboh than who save in cleanses the new Alabama now on it's both teams are going to be better next year. Correct. They have these quarterback. Yes. With another offseason of development another year of. Physical development because you seen just over the course of the season. How different Trevor Lawrence looks physically than he did when he was coming in and spot duty and relief of Kelly. Bryant Lawrence's is the size of rob gronkowski's the same and maybe ten or twelve pounds lighter. But the thing about college too, though is that you know, when you're a top five recruit. Schools don't need to recruit you. You're so good that you recruit schools, and if it reaches a point where Clemson is the place to go just the way Alabama has been the place ago, then it's gonna metastasized, and it's only gonna get easier for devastating but hasn't Clemson Bennett place to go. I mean Ross the wide receiver fr- he's from Alabama. And it got the best freshman quarterback in the country. I mean, it's been a place to go. I feel I for a few years. Now are we just figuring out today? The clemson's pretty good which is weird because they've been in the college football playoff four straight time. All right. They've beaten Alabama in a title game previously. Right Chevra Laurence's fifty pounds lighter than gronk when you said that. Wait a minute. Fifty wait a minute. How much Trevor Lawrence way Trevor Lawrence is six five to sixteen and gronk his sixty six then also might be he has. He's growing though official burger. Grow it. But he's not still growing. He's not close to. So wait, let still you get my point. But you like football was trailing behind basketball. And this was a about a decade and a half ago day. On the second point. I mean, the point is Trevor learns really big the point is you couldn't sound any worse than you in every way. Like, you're like, it's not bad enough that the that the points are wrapped in phlegm sickness and things that are distracting the show, but on top of that the point stinks, actually, the phlegm level has been pretty good. Dry. But lemme by the point stakes will that point stunk. I worn Trevor Lawrence was I can't leave you alone for a minute here. I cannot leave you alone for one minute here before but you'll poop on the carpet. Yeah. This is incredibly unfair that Trevor Lawrence has a play this physical sport for two more seasons for no money. You saw a decade and a half ago. College basketball realize get good we gotta play these freshmen and not sit on the bench. We gotta play them right away. Because that's how we get the elite guys. And now the elite programs football realize we'll get the best freshman in the country and they're gonna play right away. Otherwise, they're gonna leave us..

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