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The U. S on the line. Charles Kessler. He's editor of the Claremont Review Books or Clam UP REVIEW If you will professor of government at Claremont McKenna College. I want to say in his presence Consider the Climate review one of the two finest journals written in the American Today, the other City Journal. I'm a subscriber. Paid for my subscription I might add. I'd have known, honest man I am indeed. I have not asked for a free subscription. I know I would have gotten one. But I'd much rather a little little little way support you. You know, it's a big problem. It's so good. The Claremont Review. What I do is I event except I see the hard copy, then I then Find the article on the Internet. Keep it. On You know what's called collections on being and then it kills me because, like half your articles, I end up keeping your you're stuffing my hard drive. Let me put it now. It's really It's a magnificent do it. You know, that's right. No, I salute you for that, man. I salute you for your new book. The book is crisis of the two constitutions. Now listen to the subtitle, folks. The rise, decline and recovery of American greatness. Now. In a nutshell. You'll expound, but I want for the sake of my audience because I like giving things in a nutshell. The two constitutions are the founders. And if I may use the term the progressives or the left who believe in a living constitution, which means anything they want it to mean. And that's the battle. In America today is that a fair summary Yes, that's very good. That's a that's an excellent nutshell. Good know what's important. So he explains that this this This basically what I call a civil war. So tell me, I want to go to the end as it were at the beginning. What is your prognosis for a recovery? Well, the recovery part really is about Conservatism and how conservatism has done. In dealing with this dilemma. This contradiction between the old constitution the real constitution, so to speak. On the Liberals Constitution. The living one because I think conservatism was called into being, you know, back in the middle of the 20th century. Basically to deal with this problem and to try to revive the Founders Constitution as over against the Liberals Constitution, which is designed basically to replace their supplants. The original and attract all of its legitimacy shift all of its legitimacy to itself to the modern states, too. The way we govern ourselves now. And from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump. You know, conservatives in power have attempted to rehabilitate the old constitution. Onboard to discipline or or if possible, eliminates. The living constitution. Um And so I wanted to ask really? How well that attempt to revive the sources of American greatness because I think the real sources are in the principles of the Constitution that both the moral principles And the political principles. Of 17 76 and 17 87. How well have we done And, uh way. I mean, it's good that we're fighting back. It's good that we recognize we have this. You know, Civilisational problem to try to solve But I have to say that our efforts to solve it from Reagan to Trump have not been availing. We haven't Put the living constitution so to speak on the road to extinction. We have we have not revived. In full, healthy older America. That Ronald Reagan spoke of in his farewell address. That's one of his great unstudied set pieces. I think 1989 he's leaving office. He says. You know, he succeeded in reviving the American economy. He has put the Soviet Union. He didn't put it this way, of course, but one could. In retrospect, he put the Soviet Union on the verge of extinction. And he had revived American patriotism. But she said the only dark cloud in the sun otherwise sunny skies of the farewell address. The problem is he had not institutionalized that. Patriotism. Well, all right, hold it there that I did not know about this address. Book is up. But that is Charles Kessler's book is up Dennis prager dot com Crisis The two constitutions. What the battle is really about Nerva renew. Is one of the handful of products I can't remember another one, but I'm I know I've done it before, but very rarely in my career. I've asked a product to advertise on my show. Because it made such a difference in my life. I wanted you to know about it. Nerve renew after taking it for about nine months to a year. All of a sudden I realized I could throw away my inserts. I've had pins and needles in my feet and then my not in my hands, but in my feet. And it's so helpful. They have a two week free trial and a one year money back guarantee. Nerve renew dot com They broke protocol by Joel She Rosenberg available Now, wherever books and E books are sold..

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