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Me because i looked like you know jewish non palestinian person and i just thought to myself. You don't know me you don't know what my values are where i just spent five years of my life. You didn't take any chance to talk to me or get to know me just looked at you know what i looked like and so i vowed then that when we moved back to the united states that i would do something to build community and that's when i started to teach. Oh that's a great story. That's a wonderful story. I love that that channeling that anger in that ugliness into something so positive. This is so beautiful. So before. I let you go. I know that from from knowing you previous to this. That environmentalism is a big issue for you. And i've both you and your husband with earth day network stuff in things in general and thomas written a great deal about. I noticed this big to both of you. So have you taken pains to integrate any sustainable features into the way you did the museum. You're reading a building that exists so you didn't build a new museum. That's one thing for sure you know. Because it's a national historic landmark and there are restrictions on what we can do on the interiors and total restrictions on the exterior that dc requires buildings and developers to achieve leed silver status. It's very difficult on building of the sort where you're restricted in what you can do. But we are We've exceeded as far as we know the point total for silver. You know that's not the greatest by the way to give people perspective. I saw assumes referring choice how the plaque outside that this is where alexander. Graham bell said the first message in eighteen eighty s. I recall his first wireless message. He used light waves. So wireless was born in this building you know. besides it's it's a national historic landmark. Two times over the first reason is because of its architecture was innovative school when it was built in eighteen. Sixty nine you can see the tall ceilings and all the light that flows into the building and that was very innovative and it's also has a lot of embellishments in cast iron beautiful work that would was unusual for a public school in sixty nine. Especially right in. That's reconstruction reeler and that's because the architect adolf clues believe that poor children. All children should learn in a beautiful environment. Not just rich kids. Oh i love. That isn't that. I have an interesting connection to the light part which i'll tell you kind. Blow your mind a little bit. But tell us about the message. Sending the wireless message sending so in eighteen eighty alexander. Graham bell sent a message using light to an associate a couple blocks away and that was successful and he called that invention the photo phone. It never really became anything. But it is considered the first example of a wireless communication and he said at the time was so prescient. This invention is more important than the telephone. He knew that wireless would be that important right. It's transformed our lives ago. Did he send wers and morse code. What did he actually send. How was that message constructive. That i can't tell you exactly but it was words so Just to put a kind of fun exclamation mark on that story. Physicists enjoy my last name because my great great uncle was the first american scientists to win the nobel prize and he did because he measured drummer. Plays the speed of light. Wow he is literally the c. n. equals mc squared. Well so you kind of have a little connection to alexander graham bell experiment here you know. He probably had to use some of that background..

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