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America's listening to Fox News. The Alabama Department of Public Health is now reporting a total of six people across the state have been infected with the new U. K variant of covert 19 1 Person. A 35 year old Jefferson County man died from the complications of the virus earlier this week. Scientists say the UK variant is more transmissible than the standard version. The 80 ph. Advising people to be more vigilant state health leaders now working on plans to get vaccines for covert 19 2 pharmacies across the state. Angie Norville has more state health officer, Dr Scott here is says some pharmacies will get the covert vaccine directly. But Alabama's not on that list, he says. We have to wait for the Biden administration to determine the allocation. He says. There are more than 880 providers across Alabama who've signed up to distribute vaccines, but they're still waiting to get them. Around. Two thirds of the people who have signed up for the program and enrolled to be providers have never even gotten a single dose so far, because we just that had anything to send them here is hopeful see the vaccines arriving by the end of next month directly to pharmacies, including CBS and Walgreens. Harris adds. The state is still working on launching eight mass drive through vaccination sites next week. As starting Monday. Those 65 older are eligible for the vaccine. I mean, gene or fell leaders in Colorado, asking to put the relocation of the U. S Space Command headquarters on hold the governor and others writing a letter urging the Defense secretary Lloyd Austin to look over the decision made by the Trump administration. They're calling it last minute they have concerns about transparent. And see and impartiality. Space Command is headquartered at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, but is set to relocate to.

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