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I think that he probably is not feeling the best and that's the thing yeah like the comic strip basically says oh you hated newton now. You're mutant apparently what mutants are in the newspaper strip. There's a lot more basic like spiderman is considered to be a mutant of the beast is of course as well and the beast in fact says well. I'm going to take him back to the x mansion and we're going to help him now that he's a mutant so so doesn't really jive with comic cannon but i guess if you're doing a simplified story for a newspaper audience. Maybe that works <hes> speaking of which who do you think the audience for this is. Do you think it is people who are reading the comic books and are they're trying to get them to purchase the newspapers or do you think that they're the people reading the newspapers trying to get them interested. In comics is hard to say because a lot of people are reading newspapers back in the nineties this was before they basically died but at the same time the mid nineties were when superhero comics mix were the biggest data ever been so i'd imagine they were hoping for some cross pollination some newspaper readers to pick up comic books. I'm coming readers to pick up newspapers not that that was necessarily in marble interest very directly but still there there is a call. I don't remember word is but it says hey when they're asking to for people to the clip in in the in the comic book itself. They're asking people to contact their newspapers so that they can make sure that they have spiderman available for the magical crossover event. Did you see that mr mr yeah so there's this moment that like hey call to action all of these fantastic readers that really really wanna know what happens next which spoiler there is not a lot of crossover subvert. The crossover event news zero is just parallel stories and actually with that. Let's go ahead and jump into the mini series starting with spiderman mutant agenda number one title part one written by stephen grant pencil diced tallinn's inked by santa rosa and colored by john callous so so stephen grant did all kinds of stuff he did avengers battle star galactica punisher war journal the life of pope john paul the second like really did a comic based on and i think that sounds absolutely wonderful i mean i guess i'd read it just to see what it was like. Well i mean it's interesting because at this this is not an air i know a ton about an in comic world but this is also the era that i was coming up when i was old enough to be reading comics at this time so the art is so much my childhood. It was so so comfortable. Absolutely i mean this was the era when i was like just buying every freaking. Ask thing that i could possibly find even if i didn't know this mini series existed because it just said spiderman and but yet it feels like coming home and speaking of coming home <hes> scott collins the artist he actually did some comics that we skipped in this podcast. He did a two parter of excalibur where the characters go to a condo and it's kind of uncomfortable in terms of its handling of race but he did thor blood oath way later and that was really good. I'm sorry it is like a very mid-nineties house..

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