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Nuclear Weapons, Msnbc, CNN discussed on The New Washington


And grabbed and fondled and kissed against her well they don't know the paul jones was paid an eight hundred and fifty thousand dollar settlement because then arkansas attorney general bill clinton exposed himself which is beyond perverted and when hillary tweeted out tonight this is horrific we cannot allow this man to become president tweeted back will why selective moral outrage where we you and wanted an one into spoke out and kathleen spoke out and paulus broke out is due liberal media going to say hannity using this as a way to get trump out of the race right look mrs clinton enabled an accused rapist in this case and and alleged rapist in her husband and we're talking about some donald trump said locker room another guy eleven locker room talk you know what sean russia today essentially threatened the united states with world war three with nuclear weapons and we're talking about some donald trump was joking about eleven years ago this country has serious problems this needs to be focused on and by doing that needs to be he's raising this idea he's raising this notion he's allowing his fans to run with it and he's giving trump an amazing in his giving him cover basically right engine it was roldos opinion that henry's treatment of the access hollywood tape helped save trump's candidacy how does it steadied conservatism during that time it allowed people to say conservative lawmakers conservative voters to say hurry it was bad it was stupid but this is not fatal whereas if you had turned in to cnn msnbc around that same time you would see people saying whilst over how could how could this person who made these comments be the president of the united states whereas hannity's tack was totally different and he was right so it's possible took credit hannity for salvaging the trump campaign in that moment somewhat i think.

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