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The way to five forty michael fleekerman are you sir i'm good tony hedo he didn't have time to put together the very package we played it that quick i was if you remember he came in at first preseason game against the giants were right down the field scored a touchdown everything after that i mean bad was the good you saw from him and i thought i thought gruner was going on this'll be great and we'll we work with him and he saw from gruden i didn't see the video but i saw quote attributed to him that said they wanted more time to work with them but they needed the roster position they needed a guy i think on the defensive line something like people grabbing heartbe you'll find a little thing about you know it's like the mets of the race you can release them even if you want him he'll be there when you want to go back to them nobody else is touching on so what's the chances that when i wake up after my nap the mets losing one nothing in the six or seven twenty they might not be down at that point yet to graham should still be pitching but tomorrow sets up perfectly for one nothing mess lost unearned ryan no no decision for for the ground or just the loss you know what it this case in this time the best you can hope for with jacob degrom is a no decision he's not getting a win i mean he's a point eight two year as last night starts the metro two and seven that is i mean it seems impossible the stuff the mets do and it seems like we come round this every year with somebody with some stat something this team does is impossible they just find new ways to torture their players torture the fan base are you the one that and excuses of the two things that are really good at least i love it we're going to have to work it out in the next couple of weeks of sandy says you're sure you're sure are light bulbs going to go on and they're gonna like oh now we got it all of a.

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