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Yeah that's true he was very much in the shadow of the robert menzies the strategies longestserving prime minister who had two stints at the prime ministership he was the twelve a end been had another stint again which rain did jeb retreaded harold holt lymphocytes contain although really it was the i take prime minister sheep app hatton immense he's was a very conservative a ustralian end ahead sort of cost a long shadow of your book was the liberal potty began as united a striding osce suddenly holzmann the time is he deputy when he finally got stiff out from that shut him who's really only prime minister for just under two years it was a year and three hundred twenty eight days the aquatic beats you heard about they are about the the nominee sixty seven referendum which defeats a change the low out lalbagh texaco institution to allow the government to make laws for indigenous people at the federal level and count them in the census and that means uh ultimately that they would fight nb sadist full members and citizens of australia a net was seen as a watershed moment it was mauled a nantie sets support for that referendum and when not very good in australia are passing referenda search that was doing us woolcott to how but they will other things too at the changes to the waters china a policy that it was worn down effectively as you hood end he was also prime minister win now he pointed the first woman as a fixable minister hit a federal department sorry on a number of fronts he was a progressive conservative review lock an end yet it is it is shameful to halt family i think that he's most often remain bid for disappearing end often the butt of if jokes as is the way the strengthen sense of humor were you mention will strengthen sense of humor we heard the imola there are many other countries the would name a counsel swimming pool after prime minister who is believed to have drowned yeah think the generations ever since have still shaking their heads at that he hillside.

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