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What's in tomorrow this day in sports history. Try to cram a lot of things in here by. Thanks to charley steiner babe offenburg the cowboys radio analyst. Ross tucker westwood one or nfl linemen. Frank reich the colts head coach talking about the carson wentz. Nick foles situation. This is carson's team first of all. He's our quarterback and worse outside about having him and he knows that this team knows that you know. We're when we brought him here. We brought him here for one reason. It wasn't calm you know he's gonna compete but it wasn't for he's going to come in here and and lead this football team I don't mind talking about nick foles. I love nick foles. He plays for the chicago bears and haven't talked to him but I think he's i think he's a great player. I think he's proven that. I think he's a great teammate. There's nothing about nick foles. I don't like. I think he's a winner. He certainly got it. Fits are kind of culture. But he's plays for the chicago bears. Can he find for that. I mean if they really wanted to nitpick you know he fits our culture. Well who knows what the nfl. I mean they find you. If your socks aren't at a certain height. So i i i don't know but it felt like that bordered on being flirtatious. Yes mclovin nba him for sure. Oh yeah yeah. If they hit. Steve kerr for saying yeah. Maybe we could get lebron to sign the mid level exam Exemption and that cost like fifteen or twenty thousand dollars when he said it on our show. Final results of the poll question mclovin. Who is more likely to miss the playoffs. Fifty seven percents the steelers over the cowboys. Yeah i could see that the ravens and browns should be appear to be better. I don't know what. Cincinnati you know the the whole thing with joe borough. We just assuming they said as one hundred percent. I don't think he's one hundred percent and he's not look good in camp at all and it's tricky modern medicines wonderful but the mental part of coming back from an injury. That's the tricky thing. And if you're a quarterback and you've had your knee. Scoped had surgery. It could be your your plant foot as you come forward. And you get nervous when people are around you. I remember having one of my surgeries. And i went to play golf and i i was so afraid to land on my front foot my left foot post on it and put some torque on and eventually you get past it but if you're a quarterback and you step up in the pocket you've had your left knee surgically repaired. That's a mental hurdle to overcome this day in sports history. Paulie i got a few nineteen sixty the first time to. Mlb managers retreated for each other. Detroit traded jimmy. Dykes for cleveland's joe. Gordon that's fascinating. Call them up. Let's see oud one thousand nine hundred mark. Maguire hit his five hundred career home run. He had the fewest amount of bats to get to five hundred. And here's a great one in two thousand thirteen a bud. Selig issued a suspension for. Alex rodriguez does anybody remember how long the suspension was for possession of banned performance. Enhancing drugs four games two hundred eleven game. Oh okay oh that the the old regime they would give you four games for performance. Enhancing two hundred eleven. That's a random number think it's one sixty two. The number was reduced to one sixty two by arbitrator. Is alex rodriguez going to get into the hall of fame. I'm i'm really curious what happens. I mean he got popped twice. He should not be allowed to be on the ballot. If you get popped twice for steroids you shouldn't be allowed to play baseball anymore. The club i remember selena roberts then. Sports illustrated think broke the first story or times one of them and he destroyed her. He's like she doesn't know what she's talking about blah blah blah and then he got popped again. I remember at the time we had her on the air. But that's usually what happens. Alex is done that. Though mike he'll lash out and that's how he kinda counters but Let's see here's one disdain. Sports history rod karoo in nineteen eighty-five collected career. Hit number three thousand on the same day. Tom seaver on his three hundred career game. That was at yankee. Stadium wasn't when he was with the white sox. Receiver might be rod. Career was always one of my favorites just because he'd hold the bat and it looks like it could fall out of his hands like a strong wind. Breeze could blow it out of his hands but he he had this ability he just he could put the bat on the ball. Happy birthday to one of our good friends. Patrick ewing turning fifty nine. Today saw shohei ohtani six strong innings last night. The angels back to five hundred. He didn't do anything offensively but he is pitched at least six innings in nine sixteen starts didn't add to his home run. Total stands at thirty seven. He second and rbi's Right now with eighty two and got to be the mvp.

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