Hurricane Delta, Vice President, Senator Kamala Harris discussed on Morning Edition


Mind every second made a comment now would be irresponsible to follow the commission recommendation. He goes off and he's gonna have a rally out. I don't know what Trump said this morning. He want it hold fresh campaign rallies. The president released a video on Wednesday saying that getting sick from Cove it was a quote a blessing from God. He's being treated with experimental medications that only a very few people have access to. Vice President Mike Pence in California Senator Kamala Harris faced off Wednesday night in the first and only vice presidential debate as NPR's Barbara Sprint reports. It was a return to a more traditional debate style after the chaos of the first presidential debate. Harris appeared to have a core strategy. Whether asked about the economy or health care. She returned to critiquing the administration's response to the pandemic, which he called the quote greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country. Meanwhile, Pence defended the president's record, pointing to the decision to restrict travel from China at the end of January and pledging that millions of doses of a future vaccine would be ready by the end of the year. Both candidates sidestepped questions they didn't want to answer, including what they would do if the president became incapacitated, something that could be top of mind given Biden's age and Trump's recent diagnosis with Cove in 19. Barbara Sprint. NPR NEWS Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards has declared a state of emergency in preparation for Hurricane Delta. It stopped sustained winds or 100 MPH. From member station W. W. N O Patrick Madden has more For the sixth time this hurricane season. Louisiana is in the path of a major hurricane Hurricane Delta is expected to make landfall Friday, with forecasters predicting the storm could strike southwest Louisiana, the same area that was pummeled by Hurricane Laura in August. Life threatening storm surge and hurricane force winds are likely according to the National Hurricane Center and Flooding could be a key concern as well. Delta would be the 10th named Storm to hit the U. S in a single hurricane season. The first time that's ever happened..

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