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So thank you so much for talking and sharing and that so interesting to hear about your dad or your grandfather and it sounds like he's like a really cool guy doing some really hard work inside a place that is very resistant to change I think what's dominating our culture right now is the idea that when we say Christian what comes to our mind is a white heterosexual even draw a local man who's like mid fifties an upper middle class. yeah also his wife super hot on Instagram. yeah you know what I'm talking about. and still. that's that's what dominates our idea of what faith is an American that is wrong that is not what date does in America like we've I mean we're like the home of like. you know like African American social justice movements that arose from like politically progressive churches in the south like Dorothy day like you know. right and and so when we only privilege one voice over another voice we fail to realize that there are so many people like her grandfather out there doing the work trying to do the change and it might feel like you're alone but you're actually part of like a grand tradition in space and and so what I have been telling people is like sometimes it's impossible to change systems from the inside sometimes you just got a burning down I don't mean that literally I'm not actually advocate understand actually talk to me later but like that like here's the thing if your church does that a farm you know get a dozen a firm I gay marriage does that ordain women leave it's twenty nineteen it's too late you know what I mean like we're not going to have this conversation over didn't call because there's so many other great places and great spaces that are doing the work there so many good I mean there's so many good places here one of my favorite people in the face our lives here her name is Julie Rogers maybe if you know her but like she's like they're doing it so like go hang out with her right like find your people and don't just believe the lie that just to be Christian is to be this one thing or to be a person of bait this to be that's one thing but then kill your grandpa sounds awesome super rad. this is lance subtitle to a book the story of great loss can removal in middle America. hello.

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