President Trump, Amy Conan Barrett, Justice Antonin Scalia discussed on Saturday Morning Update with Rick Fowler


Way are 37 days to the election three days to the first presidential debate. And 11 hours to the announcement of the next Supreme Court Justice nominee of President Trump. Now all odds air on Judge Amy Conan Barrett. Mainstream media is all running with it is, though it were fact in the reports are based on reports from CNN and from The New York Times The New York Times, quoting six sources. Supposedly close to the president that remain unnamed. But apparently, according to the reports, it will be Judge Amy Cone and Barrett. A former law clerk to Justice Antonin Scalia. Now she was nominated to the seventh Circuit Court of Appeals by President Trump May have 2017 confirmed by the Senate October 31st of 2017. She was a professor of law at Notre Dame Law School. She's thought civil procedure, constitutional law and statue, Terry Interpretations. She is a University of Notre Dame law professor. As we mentioned she resides in South Bend, Indiana. She's married and she has seven Children five or biological two adopted from Haiti. And we're going to get into a detailed conversation very shortly with Delia Shapiro. He's a Cato Institute, and he's actually written a book just out this week on the Supreme Court and the new nomination, So we're going to talk with Delia about that very shortly. Also, Jim trustee will join us later on in this hour, and we're going to read from Jim trustee on her opinions. And what could happen on Roe vs Wade That seems to be one of the main concerns of many in the media. So we'll talk with Jim Trust e about that later on. Also, John Gizzi will have the political implications as well. So a lot to come up on Amy Comey Barrett this morning. I wanted to mention that the president was out campaigning yesterday and there's been a lot of talk about Joe Biden and kind of staying close to home in Wilmington, Delaware, and campaigning from the basement. President. Trump made four appearances yesterday. And they weren't all in Washington. He started the day in Miami went to Atlanta came to Washington at a meeting with supporters of Trump Hotel and then after three events flew down to Newport News for another event rally last night, and at that rally, this is how he addressed the nomination to come today. Five o'clock tomorrow at the White House. We're going to be naming the.

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