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Burger fresh fact nothing is frozen everything is delivered fresh to every restaurant these bonds and produce because fresh is what it's all about did he Sullivan KTAR news cloudy skies breezy rain moving in later today ninety percent chance in fact a flash flood watch this afternoon through tomorrow high around sixty eight tonight we're going to probably get some rain heavy winds blow around fifty tomorrow cloudy breezy a fifty percent chance of rain hi around fifty five weather is brought to you by a Howard Air and it's six fifty six time to get another look at sports checking in for Paul Calvi see at the desert for dealer sports desk here sandy Charles good morning good morning thank you Jeremy happy thanksgiving to everyone starting on the hardwood a lights out shooting from the wizards was too much for the sun to handle last night the sense fell below five hundred for the first time all year with one forty to one thirty two loss to the wizards with a tough night for the Suns on defense they did make a quick late run to keep the game someone reach with with a score of one oh five ninety five but in the end it just wasn't enough Devin Booker led the sons of twenty seven points a last night they take the court again tomorrow at home against the Mavericks at seven o'clock that's taking it to the eyes the coyotes defeated the Anaheim ducks the last night in a shoot out final score forty three this was a back and forth game but in the end of the goats came out victorious with the win last night the coyotes are still in second place in the Pacific Division the trial admitted by only two points today they get to enjoy the holiday before taking the ice again tomorrow night in Vegas against the golden knights week thirteen of the NFL is here in the cardinals are preparing to take on the rams on a Sunday the cardinals had a bye last week so actually time to rest.

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