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Fair share system no frequent way so what is wealthy one is rich what's a fair share you know as it is because of how our tax system works out the the tax scale can slide all over the place it should be one set of figures period and have statement he'll fifteen percent a year that's it total up what that is and send it to us good bye see you later i guess that would be a flattax wouldn't it why are we so opposed we as the government to making it that simple you know him by every estimate when you have a flat tax or something like that the the the the money becomes into the the government is going to be a lot more than the current system you combine may be a small flat tax with extended service tax on everything service taxes maybe not the right term but i mean that way you've got that sales tax uh everybody's paying that whether they're good guys bad guys whether tourists or not they're all paying that in the american treasury and that's going to be more money than the current system we have but to say getting back to the original issued to say the two hundred fifty thousand dollars years rich and his very unfair because it's not it's not and the seattle city council decided in their own infinite wisdom let it was you know what was their their their methodology for coming up with that why was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars you know big bucks to them can't tell ya i thought it was rather amusing that this 24yearold that was making 100 and seventy thousand dollars year may be 24 and make a hundred and seventy thousand dollars a year to be sixty four and making two hundred seventy thousand dollars a year low sweet she saying that she would love to be taxed she can't wait to make two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year so she can be taxed more do you really believe she's going to be seeing in that song when the time comes one thing that really changes somebody's political ideology his when they start earning money and they see how less of it they get to take home and then they understand why there's an ideological split in this country and it begins with money and taxation in every argument us and them that's where it begins.

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