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I'm sitting here in philadelphia where in the span of like let's say two months the sixers went from we might make the playoffs this year two we might be in the finals this year and the sixers time is now the sixers time is now and i'm sitting here going like i watched them i've watched the now for their their three wins in the series and you know quite a bit during the season i know that you you have to cast nick and it's like i did not know how they respond to play off adversity yet like that was my one question and i didn't know how they would adjust when teams will inevitably find defensive strategies to force either ben simmons to give the ball up or shoot because that's coming right but thus far they have passed every test i mean the the way that they won that game poured onto miami taking two games on the heat's home court with like this is a veteran team a proud team for them to do that is a big deal and you look at the guys who are really contributing it's they're young guys yes but for them to get belen elliot and ilyasova day radic like those kind of veteran guys like you know those weren't an option like a year ago i know who who voice other than simmons and embiid is like standing out in that locker room like i think jay j i i heard robert covington told me jj gave them big speech about how we got to send a message early 'cause they're gonna come out and try to try to get on your skin with his caliber and they're gonna try to mess you up like and i know the guys heard that but i you know embiid is very loud voice in that locker room i think i think covington's gotta voice there to those are all but you know beating covington they're young guys i think that the veteran who people really listen to his day jay.

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