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Dealer price may vary. See dealer for details about cost and terms. This is Shaun Marsh with Mercedes Benz of Littleton. Find your new sprinter at Mercedes Benz of Littleton, ladies of Littleton dot com. Mcdonald's chicken isn't just any chicken chicken worth crossing the road for its tender juicy. And now, it's just two dollars. That's right now, you can order six pieces of classic chicken mcnuggets made with all white meat for just dollars. And if you can't believe this amazing in SaaS offering to your order for just a dollar more. Yep. Even better most McDonald's one two three dollars. Price and participation may vary. Ala carte only. Cannot be combined any other offer or combo meal. Come to Shane company for Valentine's Day gift that will make her smile. Hi. I'm Tom Shane and I'm Christie everyday. I help customers at our store find romantic gifts like our new and exclusive heart shapes, necklaces, earrings bracelets and rings created by our design team. One of my favorites is our delicate heart shaped, necklace accented with diamonds on a fine Italian chain to side. They're fourteen karat white yellow were rose gold for two hundred sixty five dollars. Shane company has the largest selection of gifts with red the traditional color Valentine's Day, like our heart pendant with red garnet for one hundred and twenty five dollars or are gorgeous pendant with a heart shaped ruby for five hundred fifteen dollars. We have hearts for every woman's taste from classic to modern and why not give her a heart on Valentine's Day. She's already given you hers now. Now, you have a friend in the jewelry business. Shane company and shaneco dot com..

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