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In early and mid July last week, there was a daily average of six hundred, fifty, four new cases down from eight hundred, twenty, seven, the previous week the numbers bring the county toll to seven hundred, twenty, two deaths along with a total of fifty, two, thousand, one, hundred, thirty, one cases or about nineteen point eight. For every one thousand residents in other News Dallas County may withhold payment to a Washington based company that is operating one of the region's largest public coronavirus testing sites. It comes after commissioners raised doubts over how long it took residents to get their results and the group's customer service during their meeting yesterday commissioner John Wiley Price who represents southern Dallas County led the charge and said, he was worried about the county's lack of oversight of the whole new management groups testing site Dallas. County is splitting the cost of the fourteen point six, million dollar contract with the city of Dallas which led the effort to work with a new the city and county hired Ho new to run the testing site at the University of Dallas. In Irving after the federal government ended financial and logistical support for a testing site at the American Airlines Center in June, the testing location was moved to Dallas College East field campus this month Commissioner Theresa Daniel, who represents Eastern Dallas County. Prices concerns, Daniels said, her entire staff was tested at the whole new operated site, July twenty eight and has yet to receive results. Ho News contract promises results within seventy two hours of specimens arriving at a testing facility county data shows that July results from about ninety percent of tests from the University of Dallas site came back within three days. The commissioners discussion followed a Dallas Morning News report that found the positivity rate in July, from the whole new operated site at the. University. Of Dallas was dramatically lower than the state's average or a testing site run by Parkland in local news. A Dallas Pastor said yesterday that the presence of a back the. Blue Caravan in his redbird area churches parking lot over the weekend was an act of intimidation senior pastor, Frederick Douglass Haynes and the staff of Friendship West. Baptist. Church have expressed their outrage after a large caravan supporting law enforcement stopped Sunday.

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