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That now has a recording studio in it you'll be proud to know at sell it happened van dyke at doesn't just how football fields and basketball and all that it's got a recording studio that is probably the most popular part of it uh and everything we do here is to try to give needy detroiters a hand up and i know no matter how far you go even paris france you're aware of how detroiters help other detroiters can speak to that for just a second well i mean you know that but we never met with thing at that's why you know it's so hard rock and roll i it it's just been that city that when i lived in phoenix for fifty years and people say what are you probably see detroit's and you know so much credibility when you say you're from detroit to the rock and roll community because that really means you're from the heart of rock and roll and you're right the midwestern are different brief it's it's very family life and and i and i would expect it to be like that i i don't expect new york's realized on such law like that but detroit's i we would expect detroit has to help others detroiters you know well that's what we're doing here and that's what you've done in the past and if i can can be bold enough uh last year you were kind enough to offer up a guitar and it raised huge money uh because you are massively popular if if you've got another one in your closet somewhere we should arrive at use it you got it you know i'm gonna go out with the vampires again with johnny depp and joe perry in the boy's okay well why don't i get a vampire guitar for you guys a vampire guitar which is uh is it doesn't have fangs on it plo it'll be my my autograph shotty saudidrafted joe perry's autograph all fantastic that will raise a fortune alice can't thank you enough for that me and that's fantastic will love the hour all right thanks for joining us rock on in paris go lion goliath alan stupor joining us thank you so much from overseas in paris so we're going to put that on our our piled there of auction items there that fantastic signed by the three guys from the vampires our phone numbers are.

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