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Because we started the new command line at version zero right because it was brand new thing we were developing from scratch. And we don't do. We don't do mono repos like a lot of projects are doing these days. We actually have like sixty. Some will get on. Board is better anyway. I oh man. I don't know I don't know I got got go. Packages aren't aren't created only to use in Golbright. So Monterey Pos mostly namespace things in N. p. m. and the goal packages like they exist. Outside of other people can use them. Microsoft actually built a tool on top of core libraries because they didn't want the streaming implementation They just wanted the task system so they took all of the the libraries that I wrote for For gulps tasked with them and they just built their own build tool And so if we were named spacing it would just be a little weird right. It'd be like import at Gulp J s slash undertaker To build your your task system. That just feels a little weird to me. I know it's fine. It's just a naming thing but I wrote these libraries to being used by everybody like I see we have a. We have a library called interpret. That is like one of the if you if you've ever named her gulp file anything but Goldfield Dot. Us If you've named that goal file coffee if you've named it go file about babbled jazz if you've done If you've done your web pack can fig in any language that wasn't just pure J s like if you've done the same thing your web pack dot Babble Dot J. asked Then you are using interpret it is. It is like a library to to registered transpires inside of node and if we had things namespace at Gulf Jazz I just feel like they would likely be used less by people Not only because it's a discover ability issue right like trying to find the package in scope on n. p. m But also just because like people don't want to like advertise for. I don't know it's it's a Weirdo. Consorts thing like I get it if built to be totally totally independent and just let them be totally totally independent. And I think that's like a really good use case for not mono re-polling in this case. Yeah Yeah that's that seems fair. You know if it was just like these are only meant for internal usage and you still split them off. The feels less nice. You know only for the economics of like. Oh God. Now my my gut just constantly changing direct directories and stuff to to do my get commits and all that. I just like a management headache and Ergonomic said Ake. I think I'd agree. Yeah it's a horse problem. Definitely to animals are involved. I had some questions bling. Like what's what's the future of Gulp here. Do you have any like version? Fours out new websites out like what what is the future of. Gulp can aware. Where do you think it's going rate? I have lots of ideas so we're going to keep working on our documentation like I'm very happy with our setup now We can turn out new documentation. We when we did our rewrite of the documentation for four in the new website. We didn't we didn't translate any of the plug in Guidelines or how to write a plug in. We didn't translate any of the recipes So I want to get a lot of that stuff figured out and so One of our big expenses for the money that we do receive is to pay a documentarian and whoever else helps to write docs because it is like probably what what I would think is like the least interesting thing that Katina can do People don't WanNa do it right like they? They will do anything but they'll fix issues. They will create features but writing documentation is really hard. So it's one of our big expenses Well and I guess as a certain point year too deep right like you know too much about Gulp and how it works and how to ride ICAL vile a you almost lose out you miss out on that novice sort of mindset the beginner mindset. You know that that might be required to make really good. Docs that's tough. That's right and our documentarian actually has written about Four lines of ever so gets to tell me when things are way too deep and when I I have too much knowledge or experience and we can Bring it back to. Its its base and really rooted in in the fundamental knowledge. Not Blaine is super super deep in the weeds here. That's Nice I in our last show. The topic of a friction log came up. Which was kind of a you. Try to do something technical and just be mindful as you're doing it up anything that was you know unusual caused us some friction and write it down and maybe that works for docs as well if somebody's reading some docs and like there's friction because they just don't understand what the heck you're talking about that's a That's a moment there to latch onto the other. I would say the other immediate future thing Dave is that something that came up very recently And it's kind of frustrating to me is that We got four was started to be developed when No zero ten was still new and now notes up to fourteen And so our our support actually active two zero ten. Because I didn't want to break people in the release but node fourteen. That came out the other day. It actually breaks the Gulf watcher So what we will very likely. I don't know how we're going to find the time to do this. Because it's a lot of hours of work but we need to probably do a gulp of four to five breaking release that has That just changes are node. J Support Matrix on so that we can upgrade some libraries to get the fixes needed support node for. That's a nightmare man. I'm sorry you know like just you have to lock to an old note version which is probably like something that some people aren't stoked about like I can't you can't use four. It's stuck in the past you know I don't know it just seems like a like a bummer. What have no duty you? They just change some I. It's been happening for a while. But they've actually just removed some of the features that we we relied on in like the native code so I understand that they are trying to to clean house right. They're trying to remove this old crusty natives. Like I think it's probably see code or bindings for that. And that's what. Our Watcher Library uses and the watcher library has been upgraded but they don't backward fixes so we need to We need to do an upgrade. Which is major breaking change? And then we're also going to have to drop support for node some and to be honest like these are old node versions but we try to have the the most comprehensive. We can So we're going to be looking into baton immediate future good good luck and That's cool that's good to hear now. I like again. Thanks for coming on. I really appreciate it like we saw to their view of here in Austin knows But it's just good to know like Gopez going Gopez like still active like like. I think it was always kind of in my head like I like Gulp but I like what's going on with it. You know and so Want to say thank you for coming on the show talking about it because it does sound like it's it's active active in still very useful so I guess we should wrap it up here in the blamed for those who are not falling you and giving you money. How can they do that? I would say. Go check out the Gulf website Gulp. Jazz DOT COM I'm really happy with the design. It's really cool I I don't promote myself too much I'm playing doublets on twitter But yeah hit up golf. Got Legal culp stuff is really cool. we have all the sponsorship links you can find the tide lifts enterprise option on the website as well Yeah yeah thanks yeah. There is a donate button in the NAB. I support up Get money get paid so everyone go there and check. Check a buck or two bucks. I guess is the minimum effective. Looks at it all right. Well cool well. Thank you so much and Yet thank you dear listener for downloading this in your pocket or choice or. Da your file because you could probably do that. He follows on twitter chapter for tens of tweets a month. Consume that in your goal file of if you hate your job ever shop talk show dot com slash jobs and get a brand new because people want hire people like you and Chris anything else. 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