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And wild also known as slavery. Yes. King hurt. He not wanna say slavery. That's what it's darted trying to make it sound gloss everything over and she's having none of it. Good for her. The look on her face also called slavery, slavery Holo. Yes. Yes. Yes. Wow. But I'm what I'm what this state needs. Because he's a doctor Bill. He's caring off nurturing. Clowns is an idiot is what he is. But hey, you know, what he's in Virginia. It's not us here in Florida. I mean, our governor we love Disentis. What do you call him? Do Ron Ron Ron Ron he gets everything done. Well, do Ron Ron is is getting a new plane. Remember remember when he was flying down was like three weeks ago? Right. We assumed at the time that he was flying down to Broward to remove then former sheriff Scott Israel from duty and is plane at American emergency landing. And then they found out that they had sold the governor's plan because Rick Scott, the former governor had his own jet. Thanks, rick. Thanks, rick. So he was flying around in this nineteen thirty two model. Well, they decided the Senate budget chairman Bob Bradley says it's not acceptable that our governors flying around in a plane. That's put together with bandaids. They're going to buy a new one. I'm not gonna lie to you. When I heard. About the emergency landing. They had to make it. I guess there were a couple of incidents couple of different trips. I was worried about you know, what he's saying it's a prop plane that they seized from drug smugglers. So God knows where they hit the drugs. I understand that you know engine. God knows what they did. But and God knows how old it is. Yeah. You can't have the governor especially with this governor with as much travel as he does he's been in every nook and cranny of this state dinner being sworn in in this do they give them a prop plane? Oh, how about a jet Gulfstream? I don't know what they're buying. But you can only hope it's a Gulfstream or something along those lines, although they're not cheap. But we shall see. So see what he gets? But he's getting a new plane. That's the only thing that counts. Thank God can have something new get rid of the props. Yeah efforts. I'm sorry. Every time I hear prop plane. I just I don't know. I've been in them you have to its new CIO is think they'll properly and the only thing that gets me going is there glide ratio is a lot better. I think. Okay. So as long as saying. Physics into it. Yes. You're more apt to survive, I do believe in a prop plane the jet. That's just my theory. Although I hate them. I know. No, not to let me put it that. We all you didn't jump out of plate new jumped out of a plane plane the back end fell out giant plane. Yeah. C one thirty thing. I think is huge for was actual room. That's what they bring in the president's beast is flown in on one of those room in there. That thing was huge. They bring us plays beast in on speaking of bee's. Here's another case of this. Let's go wild kingdom background. Do you? Remember last year? We had the story of an can't remember what the island was remember what the breeder monkeys was. But there was an isolated island for purpose. They could keep them there. And they studied them off the coast in New Zealand or something like this right till the scientists woke up one day, and they took a ferry the island, and they said. All the monkeys are gone. Why? 'cause they learned how to swim they taught themselves. How to do it in the escapes because they're adaptive? Wow. So is apparently. A visitor at the Belfast zoo in Northern Ireland film, some chimps attempting to break out on Saturday. They popped a fallen tree branch against the closures wall. And they climbed out. Yeah. Apparently what had happened was the storm came through. And it broke a branch on this tree. They were smart enough to put the branch up against the wall. Climb up the bridge which took to the top of the wall and then jump off look holy cow. There's a we put on our sister station. I put up the video, but there's a little kid that sees all this, and he's like laugh and laugh and laugh and often the monkey comes running on. He starts to cry. Go god. Plus the were so it's funny. But. It's ingenious smart. How smart they are? You see planner to the h the newer ones. Caesar. John you could be it. They take they could. We'd better be nice to them. Because all they have to do is form an alliance with Alexa. And then they're going to take over the world. Oh, jeez. Please. I I am plug my Alexa. She's creepy. I'm sorry. She's spying on everybody. By the way, we'll end with this. At least this hour before we get to. All over day. Prince Philip turned in his license. I'm sure it'd be grudgingly. But he turned it over there. That makes me sad. It makes me sad to my dad. My brother refuses to take my father's license away. Frankie he's gonna kill somebody. I know he doesn't go fast enough is the comment usually and I'm like, oh, well, he finally did it. To my Granddad back in the day. That was that was his reasoning was allowed to go fast enough. I used to be a train engineer. So he would just go straight and slow through everything. Let me stop signs. Two two. I mean, three intersections as big huge olds ADA going right through everything. My brother buys my dad like big Lincoln's old link. Yeah. So if he gets an accident he will kill himself. Can you imagine the menace? Prince Phillip was though. But. Take that away thousands of acres through play on let them go out and his little Range Rover on one of their estates by himself even with that. He almost killed the lady the last scary. All right. We'll get to it. What do we really want guys that is for Valentine's Day? I know the answer will not shock you whatsoever. Headlines. Do coming up next keep it here. He.

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