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Have you have more control over and you can kind of immerse yourself in it but i do appreciate that frank. Thank you so much for were <hes> coming on the podcast. This was this is an interesting discussion <hes> because you read about the overview fact and you talk to astronauts who have who have had such a thing to talk about someone who's thought top to someone who has thought about it so so deeply end from so many different sources has been very interesting frank. I really appreciate your time. It's been my pleasure. Is your thank you so much uh-huh bringing in the space hey thanks for sticking around really good conversation. We had with frank white today about the overview effect. He got to talk to a number of astronauts to really get inside their head about what it was like to be in orbit and look down at the earth from space ace. We've done that a few times on this podcast to talking to a number of astronauts about their biographies and about their time and space. They're all kinds of episodes across the board board <hes> you can listen to them in no particular order. I think one of the more recent ones at this point would be episode ninety eight withdrew morgan who is currently on the international space station. You can see a little bit. What about <hes> what he's going to expect now that he is in orbit. There's been a few astronauts. We've actually talk to after they've landed as well. You wanna check out more nasa podcasts. We have website for that. Nasa nasa dot gov slash podcast all across the board. If you want to know something other than human spaceflight. We've got that covered. If you have a question for this podcast go to any of our social media pages particularly the ones for the nasa johnson space center <hes> just use the hashtag ask nasa on any one of those platforms facebook twitter and instagram to submit. The idea for the show to make sure to mention is for houston. We have a guest. This episode was recorded on june eleventh. Two thousand nineteen thanks to alex perriman nor moran and pat ryan. Thanks to mr frank white for taking time out of his day to speak with us. We'll be back next week..

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