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On cable Colorado's morning news Wednesday morning fifteen degrees right now temperatures going to be about forty for today but ending maybe close to sixties as we get to the weekend our top story on Colorado's morning news Democrats ramping up the attacks on one another in the race for the White House seven of them were on the debate stage last night former south bend mayor Pete Buttigieg's went on the offensive against Vermont senator Bernie Sanders I am not looking forward to a scenario where it comes down to Donald Trump with his Mr Alger for the social order of the nineteen fifties and Bernie Sanders with a nostalgia for the revolutionary politics in the nineteen sixties this is not about what in the nineteen seventies this is Sanders of playing a lot of defense last night he is certainly have the target on his back had to explain recent comments that he made praising the Chinese Communist Party for lifting people out of poverty Sanders says he opposes up there Thor tarian governments what are you said is what Barack Obama said in terms of Cuba thank you bought made progress on education in a sixty minutes interview that aired on Sunday Sanders praised Fidel Castro for boosting literacy in a massive program the spread of the corona virus also a hot topic on the agenda of the candidates for new York's mayor Michael Bloomberg says the current administration is ill prepared to deal with the sickness one of the great great problems today you read about the virus what's really happening here is the president fired the pandemic specialists in this country two years ago so there's nobody here to figure out what the hell we should be doing on that subject the president expected to hold a news conference this afternoon on the corona virus at four o'clock mountain time how did the candidates fair recline the bars were going very fast but so is the voting everyone recognize right now that this is Bernie Sanders race to lose Joe Biden having a kind of performance that might solidify his standing here in South Carolina and Mike Bloomberg stronger than he was a week ago but still not exactly the performance you need to get back in the conversations of some of the dynamics of this race still very fluid after a while debate ABC's political director Rick Klein well in other news one person is dead in an officer involved shooting that happened in Greeley K. always Connor Shreve is live with more on that story would be learning Connor well this all started when police say they noticed a suspicious vehicle early this morning it was at about one o'clock this morning officers approach that car and they say they saw two people inside and a gun in the lap of the driver that's when they started shooting greatly police say there were no officer shot or injured and that the suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital reporting live Connor Shreve came away news park that's infested with rats near our state capital could soon reopen Linkin park was shut down as you remember last month after attracting many of the city's homeless in their tents which in turn then became a health hazard Denver officials say they'll have to complete the removal of a couple of infested trees before the park is suitable for use again the park could re open as early as next week the homeless camps cropped up at a location following the judge's ruling that Denver's urban camping ban was unconstitutional after a meeting with mayor Hancock Denver fire chief Eric Tate has made it official he has tendered his resignation chief Eric Tate's resignation comes on the heels of the annual firefighter's ball or a comma can sexually suggestive material and firefighters pose for pictures with a sex toy after meeting with Tate mer Handcock issued a statement it doesn't say anything about the firefighter's ball but it does say he agrees with today that a new perspective is needed at the top of the department Jerry bell ko a new solid a parks and wildlife his bears and humans interacting on a more frequent basis around the state the agency announcing this week the number of interactions reported last year topping fifty three hundred a third of those involving bears going through someone's trash or food over five hundred reports on a bare breaking into a home or garage CPW would like to see those numbers go down if you're driving around right now I don't have to tell you this Denver highways ranked in the top bottlenecks in the country Denver's main East West corridor is home to the fifteenth worst trucks slow down in the U. S. further west rice seventy needs I twenty five the mouse trap is number twenty one on the list and up north.

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