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Born in brooklyn nine and 1928 brooklyn new york die february eleven 2018 mount sinai medical center miami heart institute of to make a noted i didn't even know there was uh well he had a lot of children war on on the street where you live i'm not going to ask if you know him but he was a very big crooner postwar great voice five decades of love songs he lift eighty nine so good age and so i'll be in the suffer talion american and that's it and life goes on as the way of all flesh this is the savage nation you wanna talk about argue wanna talk about schlakwyk the a portrait of the obamas look up the portrait of dorian gray and you'll understand what this actually as in in a way it's almost there an expression of the reality of the obamas shallow fast style cartoonish in a certain way the portrait's of the obamas are actually quite good in that they represent them as they are shallow cartoonish and classless does that offends you or does visit awaken you to the fact that if a man would pose on a share in a bed of what looks like ivy sitting on a chair looking like he is relieving himself in the woods all and he's the former president the united states and that the first lady would pose the looking like it was drawn by a seven with a piece of charcoal.

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