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But when I moved in with me, it's quite funny story out to you. I'll let him tell you about it. But he was still good friends of dealing with rod used to run the economy. So when I left Tim asteroid voice all in. And let me tell you the story of well how it came around here. My name and introduced me really funny story really always didn't Tope. By New Delhi rafters, really good friend of mine. And also, Phillip Griffiths is also really good friend of mine and. On members in Italy. They will sought to chaper chips a phone call out of the blue from felon. Phil says right? Your tight is this young MRs been off the academy. He said she's in Blyth all heard really was bad things about them. So we hadn't really impressed role too much in his is behavior, shall we say? But fails or press game into taking 'em. So didn't have most choice because philatelic me a lot when I was racing vice within INC so thought, okay. So Adam arrived up picked him up at the airport on says, right? Avert your complete twenty. You got one month to sort yourself out otherwise bringing you back here. And that's that's how it started. Is it really? And we on all right since then we've done quite well, really. But. Yeah. Upper-middle you in them me and Tim on like, I have some fire. We didn't really quite a lot in common being such different age groups, really it was quite a lot of the simple nece. Roger now, we both fell in over that when you were young when I was young. So then when I can't live with you. It was so of like, I was a little Baker. Sorry. Tim's names character Baker. Yeah. A lot Tyler from the start because you just want to rice and CARA. Reuters compared you never know how good or bad somebody will in a member taking his first rices puzzle up. Like, I think the images of the member finishing the finished under these are hard. It was. But then he just kept wanting to rice everytime vic- want to rice because I want to make some money as well because in hidden money, take all of them. The business platform and. But you have always got me about Rodney audience again so used to trying to them a lot, and we just spent such spent for the signs we did sprint sprint sprint sprint old island. It's funny really looking back. Now when you look at what we did in training together is never it was never plunder. It was never will do this today. We'll do that say we never sat down and looked here. We saw a race in four or five days. Let's just work around that. And that's what we did. It was in. And it wasn't like any structure to it. It was just it was just constant riding your bike. And it was always every time. We went out we'd have a point system for sign. So little towns be one point province sign a ten point countries Hines, very rare. But I'd be the million points who got back onto that be. UB? So we'd always go out. And we'd always around these signs. It always race each other. We're not kind of stuff and Tim was fifty and it was always about overlay chump. But the main thing is always PT always race. Make it always raise me and always trying not me down the ridge. So it always trying to knock me off the way or just try and beat me somewhere or another. But it was. Taught me quite a lot very always. You know is the simplest a bike route. And it wasn't going out impress in certain during a load of efforts..

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