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Dorian is something that likely no one alive has ever seen Jonathan Petre Molla with the accu weather talking about the devastation that Dorian calls on the grand Bahama island leaving at least seven dead that is expected to rise and the hurricane now in the Atlantic moving slowly up the Florida coast bot weaker but still bigger fox's Jackie Heinrich has more from Daytona beach people along the coast of Florida taking every precaution power workers are in place across Florida seventeen hundred utility Wyman ready to restore power if it goes out national guards also in place for water rescues forty five hundred soldiers and airmen ready to jump into action shops are boarded up people have moved to shelters and Dorian is inching up the southeast coast where more than two million people are under mandatory evacuation orders fox's mineralogist Adam clocks tells us where Dorian may be headed by the time you get into Thursday morning you know really running up on portions of South Carolina we continue to watch that slowly creep up this particular model does have is making landfall in North Carolina that's not a guarantee this is one of several models we look at but they're all pretty good agreement that this is going to be getting very close to the coast line this is now into Friday morning so I do think that we're still gonna be looking at this getting a little bit worse before it gets better at last check Dorian was one hundred thirty miles east northeast of Cape Canaveral Florida with winds of a hundred and ten miles an hour investigators believe that all thirty four people missing aboard a dive boat in southern California died the five surviving crewmember submitted written accounts of the tragedy to that in T. S. B. we've also begun to identify witnesses and.

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