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Hello there. Mark robins. Golden State went into Houston Friday without the Kevin Durant and shocked the rockets one eighteen thirteen to win the NBA playoff series for to Steph curry leaving Golden State with thirty three points all of them who secondhand coached the please proud cautious as well were thrilled to be moving on and excited to have this one in our rear view mirror. And now, we've got a lot more work ahead, but very very satisfying victory. Play Thompson kept the warriors close early at twenty one of the first half. He was quick credits. Teammates for making this a complete effort while when we're doubted for baskets the wall. Just go out there and fight and play at heart, and you know, guys like Gerard co and Quinn, cook, Jordan bell, our whole dance, you know, everyone play tonight and everyone gave a huge contribution. So there's a beautiful thing via part of an true pros where they've been preparing for all year. Well, the warriors they're away. Denver Portland winter for the Western Conference finals that game seven set for Sunday afternoon. Three thirty pm eastern on ESPN radio and ABC television. Bigly baseball Friday night dodgers, shutout the nationals five zip can't Demet sports win of the season Rockies over the Padres. Twelve to Mets beat the Marlins eleven to Red Sox Amer the Mariners fourteen one at water Rodriguez seven shutout innings Boston. Kevin Harvick during the poll. It'll be on the pole for Saturday nights. Nascar Cup race in Kansas City. Tender nuggets survive a second straight game seven or as Portland heading conference finals.

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