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And know that if i'm giving value to somebody and doing things that i enjoy this you just look your you feel good you continue working hard you do things for people and then you like it's like you put your head up from working like or call i got some money like and it just comes it's been an interesting focus and i actually want to do more and more of that where i'm just going deeper into what i enjoy doing value that i wanna give to people and then let the money come as a byproduct not just as the main goal okay so in terms of the actual project in and of itself with which the was the objective is is is just in a another accomplishment for you are you looking to create project arena taste study right selfishly the reason i'm creating it is it was it's a passion project is something that didn't exist that i wish did in a weird way i don't even know like hallam how it's going to like come into anything late but it's something that as a young person getting into like going after my dreams i wish it would have existed and so i wanna do it for my younger self even though that doesn't make any sense so maybe me creating ad i can give it to another younger person getting started and seeing them like walk through it will give me the peace in the joy in the happiness of like that i wish i could have had when i started so.

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