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Yeah yeah i mean it would have been kind of hard for them not to be admittedly but yeah i mean like the the thing is that like i feel if they weren't gonna go the star power route Which which they obviously didn't like they passed on price and tarasenko and all those options now they definitely went the likable route for marketing. Like i don't think this team is going to have any problem. Marketing complex. Like they're going to be fun to watch. They're going to be hard working. You know there's going to be you know double digits of fan favorites So i you know. I think overall if this team is bad it's gonna be bad in kind of a respectable and enjoyable way and and if they're good than as found money and it definitely have some good ended an interesting pieces on this stance all right like it. Sounds like we're in agreement Plug some stop ryan. You can go. Jackie jump and after what a what ninety days. Where can people check out. Tomorrow i will be writing by my monthly power feelings column for ep rinkside and i will also be recording just in time for the for the The transaction embargo to not left. We will be recording. The latest episode of puck sube So you'll just get to hear me say all this stuff again boy crazy there that we don't know what they're gonna do yet nuts now. Well there's only while still get to have zakheim take. I guess oiler shouldn't do this. I mean you're assuming that frank surveys going to leak every single trait. That's going you know what during the episode. Here's crossed i need. We need the content. I i'm gonna plug algal cycled ep. Rinkside i don't know if you guys have heard of it but pretty good. It has has a handful of pretty good writers on it. I'm going to be writing a what was supposed to be a free agency. Preview of zach. Hyman might have to be free agency reflection zakheim and depending on when it drops. Tomorrow he's He's a good player. I don't know if he's a seven-year could player. I aid. Maybe it could be eight. I i you know what i feel like it. Would it would draw. More is to the article. If it's so let's let's pray for that any and you can just find me on twitter at j. fresh hockey going to be doing obviously a whole lot of stuff for the upcoming agent frenzy. But i was very glad that all of this stuff dropped earlier today. So i could basically take the afternoon often. Spend it outside instead of anticipating dropping thirty player in fifteen minutes. I like We'll great job guys appreciating the time. I'm gonna quickly plug some stuff myself. So that i don't have to record us except altro. Please go review the video gas greatly appreciated if you wanna prep for friday's entry draft. We did a mock draft with chris and cam robinson recently on the peo cast also our website which we talked about a couple of times now ep ringside has the best draft guide and a game to help. Prep you for it. i believe. Use the promo code draft guide in all caps. It gives you three free months all subscription and you get access to the work of all three of us so please go check that out of you haven't done so already and yeah enjoy. The upcoming transactions and the entry draft. And we'll be back with a pdf soon and we'll be back with each of you soon as well on video cast so thanks for listening. Thanks for the to come on the show and enjoy the hockey. Bdo cast dmitri philipovich follow on twitter at Philipovich and on soundcloud at soundcloud dot com slash hockey pedia calf <music> This story time. I'm jay johnson. Each week we tell tales of your from the basketball floor. I'm talking the weird little stories from history. You didn't know you didn't know like how mba jam cabinets are haunted by the ghost of a former net. Great or what. Rucker park legend and globetrotter. Jackie jackson would do for a quarter. Then we bring in a basketball or friend to talk about what we just learned in a post game episode listened to nba storytime. Wherever you get your podcasts from blue wire.

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