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Now ready for those house show match. Michael wants to know why didn't the mega bucks counter the bikini with Virgil and a banana hammock. You know, we discussed that and the problem was we couldn't find a banana hammock that big. So it had to be scrapped. Harmabee barbecue us. We all know how Randy fell, but was Lor bar. Yeah, he came to our show in Rochester, shit. I remember. I remember we all know how Randy fell, but was Elizabeth uncomfortable with her role. At the end of the night, she looks nervous and uneasy. Guys go back and watch all of Liz's stuff. Show always look, nervous uneasy that was her character. She's working. Obviously, she did really good job of that. Tim wants to know why were the powers of pain brought in as baby faces. What. Does you had it yet? He'll champions and in demolition. That's what we wanted to go. Eventually. Chris Watson, what was the relationship between Jesse and whole clock at this time? Was this before or after their issues? With the rumored wrestlers union. That rumored wrestlers union with so many years before that Jesse really didn't have a relationship with much of anybody Jesse came in at his job and went home. And during this time we were doing the voice overs in the studio suggest he was only around the boys a pay per view, and that was it just really didn't have a relationship with HOGAN at this point or anybody else for that matter. Ken patera versus bad news Brown who book this shit. Vince Pat would book that. Who else was considered to beat the Hong? He's out man besides the ultimate warrior. While beef gay. We've cake would have been a good intercontinental champion at that time. Anybody else. No, not Jake didn't need it. I'm trying to think of baby faces that were in that mix Duggan was talked about, but Doug didn't really need it either. But the only one I really remember was beefcake. Michael wants to know how Jim cornet describe Elizabeth mckanie. What. Dabbagh Kenyatta say, fuck midriff or got the cleavage muzzle grandma's fucking underpants. Goddamn bloomers mother fucker. They will want you. Welker like you was this the first time they turn the actual dam lights on Madison Square Garden. It always looked cheap and dirty on the MS g. network shows. Trying to? Yes, because for. Wrestlemainia one. They had the regular garden lighting. This was our TV lighting. This may have been the first time that we actually had TV lighting in there. Jason wants to know is Jesse Ventura's three can at the end shoot not to count three when Randy savage had to forces arm down. Jeez. Yeah, that was shoot. Jason fields at j. fields eighty five. Thanks buddy work. Small humble. The superstars are cave game was heavily based off summertime Eighty-eight. Have you ever played it and you have any memories of the boys playing it. Russia. Yeah, it's about the superstars arcade game, which I fucking love. Okay. Not the pinball game. No, the pinball games and I played. Yeah, I did play that more. She did and you're actually going to be playing in the video game tournament that we've got down at star cast. If you haven't already check it out at star cast dot com. You can actually donate to Saint Jude's. BRUCE'S gonna be playing for charity, and he's playing the brand new PlayStation four-game fire pro wrestling world, which is obviously a SU SU, super new game that just came out and you're in there with a bunch of other wrestling personalities, and we auctioned off a spot to play in that tournament and man, it's a who's who, in this thing, Sean Walton, it's going to be joining you Ron. Funches Matthew from Bochum Ania Noel Foley. Now we've got the bears both berry and Bernard and your boy from him l. w. former WB superstar Simon grim. Will all be participating in the video game tournament. So way back in the day that you play this superstars arcade game, remember any of the boys talking about it? Yeah. We had one in the office..

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