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Text every because that's how we communicate everyday these texts now. And she said Dad those the last time I was ever on stage with you. said, that's the last time I. Ever performed at least those with my dad That's great. You'RE GONNA. That melted me. How did the little ones? I've a three and a seven year old a three year old because I'm an idiot. But it's it's the best I'm I'm really enjoying this time more than anything if anything this has been like Gods, you know you know less than, hey, spend time with his beautiful kids right now and I'm GonNa make sure you have. You're not allowed to do anything except that. So it's been beautiful I mean I remember like listening to the music last night with my little three year old and she just hold onto me. Wow. Yeah. The getting better than the prices woman right there and is this kind of stuff you're talking about on your podcast, right? But see what happens is the name of it yeah. They're. Everything else but what everybody's angry about? Just trying to like I mean, it's just I mean the the comedy special stayed up completely away from politics because I I was trying try to make fun of stuff. If you dare make fun of of people these days or their political leanings or whatever they destroy you. It's just like you are like out forever and it's just unfortunate and shouldn't be. It shouldn't be, but it is what it is. Yeah, and they're not playing to lose. They're not playing both sides are in this to win this in its ugly unfortunately, you know it affects me and my comedy. So I totally stayed away from all that stuff just talking about my life and then jokes and the things that have happened to me sure people always you know I would have dinner with people start telling the story in they're laughing Oh, you should talk about this and I say should I in I you know And so there's some incident that happened to me like..

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