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You're in the middle of 20 Minutes of nonstop news on Como at 306. And certainly ELISA. The news is the question that's on everybody's mind these days. Yeah, it really is. You might be wondering how bad is it? How bad is this Fifth wave of covid? Almost Brian Calvert says he found the answer in a group of nurses. Things are so crowded at peace held Southwest in Vancouver, Washington, Hospital spokesperson says they've set up a big tent outside the building incredibly busy. For the last month. We've been seeing a steady surge. If the patient surge continues to grow, as we expected, we might have to expand this space. Even more were so full that we can't accept other patients that need care. And it's really alarming to think about if something did happen that are. I see you wouldn't be able to accept anyone else because we are so full of Covid. Kristen is a nurse just down the freeway at Oregon Health and Science University. I'm actually coming in for overtime today because they're really short staffed, so I'm actually just come. I just came in and I'm just picking up an extra couple hours to help the team out a lot of overtime in the medical ICU. We've been all covid all the time for the past couple of weeks. It's taking a toll both physically and mentally, says A colleague named Emily. I had to call over to the pediatric I C u one day and asked for a Beanie baby to give to a 12 year old while I turned off the support, and her dad died like I don't want to do that. What can you say? I know the depth of grief that I would feel if I couldn't be with my loved one as they died. So I take the responsibility very seriously, too. Love That person is if they were my own family member, um and provide them with a death. It's dignified and honorable as much as possible. And then I see you. That is sterile and cold and and forgiving. I think it's you know, it's been a struggle to show up every day. But we've been here and You know, my team has been here and I'm really I love being a nurse like I love being a nurse. But this has been really hard. And I'm really proud that I've continued to show up. They wanted you to hear what they're going through. And they beg you to consider the vaccine if you haven't already and that people could see what a day In our life looks like and you know, I think it would be a way a wake up Call Brian Calvert. Camo news well from lumber. Two new cars, coffee syrup at Starbucks businesses continue to suffer major product supply chain disruptions. The issues go back to the start of the pandemic when manufacturing shut down, But the fix is taking a lot longer than some businesses would like. Here's more from GMOs, Carlene Johnson. Lumber prices are beginning to fall as supply picks up to meet the demand. But the ripple effect still being seen in home prices. Daniel Stanton is an expert in supply management. What we're seeing today in the construction industry. It is a bunch of this turbulence a bunch of these bullwhips That we're actually triggered by this really radical drop that we had in February, March April last year, the price of a 1600 square foot house that closed in June last year was $329,900 in Clark County. The price for that same home this month. 425,000 an increase of nearly $100,000 not just construction. You've got car dealers with hardly any new vehicles on the lot, mainly because of a global shortage of computer chips. The vehicles need Carlene Johnson. Come on news. Pax West is back after going virtual because of Covid 19 last year, the Seattle staple will return in just under two weeks. Past West. A global gaming culture celebration is set for September 3rd through sixth at the Washington State Convention Center, operated by Penny Arcade. Pax West will require a proof of vaccination or negative PCR test for entry and will enforce A mask mandate for everybody inside. Speaking of games 3 10 Seahawks cut a QB loose and lose two players to season ending injuries, the latest from Bill Schwartz at the Beacon Plumbing Sports Update as well. The fans got to watch Saturday night, at least Rick and they couldn't have seen too much to like the Seahawks falling big time to the Denver Broncos. 32 3. Thank goodness. It's only exhibition. But the bad news. They lost a couple of players to a CL knee injury, John, you and, uh, Bbk put those guys got hurt. Seriously and breaks her heart. Mm. This is a rough game, and sometimes it takes its toll. Those two kids are hurt. There's Pete Carroll talking about receiver John Ursula and the former Washington Husky linebacker Ben Burke. Curve in both go on Seattle's injured reserved today, quarterback Alex Magoo had a nightmare game against the Broncos two picks in a fumble. Today he's been waved along with defensive lineman Cedric Lattimore. Big two game Baseball series starts tonight for the Mariners in Oak Town. Oakland, California Seattle is 17 of its last. 10. The ace of dropped seven of their last 10 and Seattle's basketball champs were in the spotlight this afternoon at 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue. And what makes this team remarkable as they Don't just win games, They changed lives. There's the president in 15 Minutes on co Mo news. The long tradition of sports teams honored at the White House. You know when it started 18 65, So it didn't really yes with Andrew Johnson. We'll tell you more sports updates a 10 and 40 After the hour, Bill Schwartz come owner Was Bart Starr there for that one?.

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