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Twenty-six at midway twenty-five in Addison. I'm Bob Kessler and the WGN newsroom ready to join the conversation live whenever a story changes on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. Twenty WGN on the road and attain live here in the states skyline studio high atop Chicago blizzard. This is kind of the first day that we've had like an appreciable amount of snow. I really right. Was it wasn't so bad the snowed one or two other times? But this is kind of bad, but nowhere near you got Bob kind of we've seen some Roger to of reminiscing about the great snowstorms our legacy of suffering when it comes to snow here in Chicago. And none of these are or anything. Really, right. So I think we have to give up that mantle. Maybe it's global warming. It's sort of works for us. Maybe not so much for for Miami. Or any of those apocalyptic movies where the whole world floods, but for for us here, it seems to be, you know, I don't know. And I know it goes in stages we had some some pretty bad winters a handful of years ago. So but not that bad. She had a hard time getting in. I heard that you were your toughen it actually, it was pretty smooth. Right. It was very smooth surprisingly smooth actually left a little bit early because I wanted to make sure not to be stuck someplace not necessarily stuck in the side of the road. But even in traffic, right because sometimes you get some implement. Weather and then things get slow on the roadways. See wouldn't that be terrible for me to be stuck in traffic for the on the road show? Right. We could just call you. And you would be on the road. It'd be totally walking the walk should be called in the studio with Dan. So we've got a great show on tap. We'll talk about it a little bit with Scott beforehand, and we're gonna do we're gonna talk a little food a little tailgating, we may have Angela cabinet rowdy and talk Super Bowl tailgating, and some cool things they've got planned for the summer with our on the road road trip. Tailgates that we're gonna be doing at cruise nights car shows coming up. So that's good. You look forward to that a little bit of Super Bowl ideas for that as well. Then Mario Andretti. When you think about it? The greatest in the sport in whatever sport it is. He's definitely going to be in that mount Rushmore. I don't know who could AJ wait. Maybe you know, he's a guy that's won the Daytona five hundred the Indy. Five hundred the Formula one world champion. They see these kinds of things really set it apart because those are such different disciplines when it comes to driving. It'll be excited to talk with him as we close in on the fiftieth anniversary of him winning the Indianapolis five hundred and the speed we've got a bunch of things coming up for him so excited to talk to Mario about that sheer Lazar. Actually, you you drive on you can drive right. I can't. Okay. So you ever get to the gas station. Now, the gas stations more things to more people not only is it a place to get gas. Maybe some snacks. But right at the pump. They they have you know, TV they have do entertainment. So you're pumping. Awesome. Somebody pops up on the screen like, hey, what's going on? And they show you something fun. You know, maybe penguins with sweaters, or you know, who knows what's going on. And maybe some news. That's happening. Maybe sports Shira Lazar. She is. The host of what's trending, which is one of those top tap shows on the energy is also does like podcasting snacks race in a in a blogger got a hand on the pulse of things going on in the world of social media. And she's the gas station. Lady. Right. So she pops up she's going to be joining us little bit later on the program excited to have sheera on as well Tony per yellow when it comes to I think Chicago shafts. He's he's as Chicago as you get these headlines a lot of the cool festivals. And coming up, he's beat Bobby flay. So I'm sure we'll talk to him a little bit about that. But also Chicago restaurant week is coming up. It's really two weeks. I don't know why they couldn't say Chicago restaurant weeks. Just add a assets, you still have the same branding. Maybe. So he'll be joining us talk about Piccolo Sogno, no, Nina, his places, and some of the cool things that are going on along with four hundred restaurants for restaurant week this year. So that is great. And then I think we're gonna have Norman del in Norman del. He's the guy that I got to meet through the west suburban community pantry and event that I have emceed in a in a closet. I supported for many years. He was there. He comes in. He he's like a renaissance guy. So he's a bona fide financial group. But also so many other things wanted to talk to about transformative travel spent a lot of time in Africa heading to India soon. And then oh, by the way, he says he's a racecar driver too. So this could be maybe the best fit ever. What do you think? Actually. I think so this is what Scott said like, yeah, he's a great. I like it. All right. So what we're going to do is we're going to get to this. And I know that we may be breaking away at some point for the president's speech that will keep you tuned in to all those things going on as well quick break. We'll come back with twenty Perello. It's on the road with Dane seven twenty WGN Kevin.

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