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Yeah i heard about the fact that that that has been lifted correct and we're going to have water wars one day there's no doubt about that i mean even the predicts that the funny thing with the cia and what they predict the water worst you gotta look at the flip side george you know this you reported on this you had talked about this in depth we have the ability to manipulate weather we have technology that could actually literally create a storm cloud out of thin air these things do exist so you know if there is a quote unquote water war it is because of artificial scarcity and nothing else that's true i wanted to ask you about saudi arabia by the way in the short king db is been rounding up all these wealthy saudis putting them in jail holding them for ransom and then they spit up billions of dollars and he lets them out what's going on there it's pretty interesting george years ago we had somebody who was very connected to the saudi royals you know from the from the saudi family it self you know communicating speak with us and gave us a heads up of what's going on told us within the next crown prince is going to be long before he was even crowned crown prince mohammad bin salman or nbs's called and said the play by play what's going to go on with them and we reported that on broke money months and in fact years before it even happened i wrote an article on a cold blooded the sand that goes back at least two years before nbs even came to power this purge of what happened is is not surprising there is a change in power there's a change of guard ec for the last several decades saudi arabia has been pumping a lot of oil and the last several years one of their biggest wells and this has been reported about multiple sources their biggest gawar well you know there are six major wells and the biggest one is the gawar well the go war wells pumping out eighty to ninety percent water so the most of the drilling they're going in most of the hydro fracking waters they're putting into that drill the pressure relief that oil it's coming back out there having a problem so saudi arabia since then they have not been putting out reports in terms of what their oil reserves are exactly how much is left are the cops are they at peak they're not reporting any of that and they're not disclosing that okay and then on top of that they've been quickly shifting and as soon as nba tower his moves were number one gets out of arabia diversified out of oil and into what natural gas well there's a problem it'll happen so what do they do they all of a sudden i initially started deal with the qataris to run a natural gas pipeline through qatar into saudi arabia through syria and and this is back in two thousand twelve run it through syria and then out of the mediterranean ports into the into israel at allow the leviathan platform and the and the and the major find over there with the natural gas link it all up and then bring it up to the european markets to challenge what the russian monopoly european energy that went went to shambles and now you know saudi arabia is in a rate they are in a critical crisis the they're old partners department with the qataris now they're trying to blockade the qataris they're trying to create a war with the qataris that's backfiring on them they got into a spur lung king adventure in yemen because yemen also sitting on natural gas reserves and that has blown up in their face i started to vietnam situation or the saudis and the saudis have objectively failed in syria with their funding of isis trying to overthrow assad they're in a serious situation that kingdom is near collapse and.

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