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Combat 1/5 wave of Covid with another mask mandate as Cuomo's Brian Calvert reports. There are very few exceptions. Maybe your office is a space that isn't accessible to the general public or you work by yourself. You are an exception. The rest of us must cover our faces. It's frustrating all the back and forth in general. I think you know it seems to work and it seems to lower the cases, which is great. It was pretty aggravating because everyone pretended not another rules. Even though I think most people did everyone age five and up must have a face covering whether you go out to eat, Go shopping, even going to the gym, But we got to do we've got to do in order to get this under control. The mandate does not cover outdoor situations. At least not yet. For now, you're being strongly encouraged to put on a mask. If you're outside with a bunch of other people close by Brian Calvert. KOMO News Mariners fans will need their mask when they grabbed their hat and glove before games the rest of the season. Washington Governor Jay Inslee statewide mask mandate is now in effect requiring anyone older than five to wear a mask while in indoor areas starting with the team's next home game on Thursday, fans must wear a mask in all indoor areas of the park. The return of our state's indoor mask mandate appears to be welcomed by hotel and restaurant operators. Anthony Anton, CEO of the Washington Hospitality Association, says they're aware that mass have been a polarizing issue. But he says he's heard nothing. But positives from people in his industry were well over 12,000 restaurants in 800 hotels, So I can't say everyone's always got a universal opinion. But overwhelmingly, I think people have viewed this as a positive, proactive step that hopefully gets us ahead of any decisions that would further Business for jobs. Anton says They also expect to put out some legal guidance soon for businesses thinking about a vaccine requirement for patrons. He also hopes he'll be patient with hospitality workers. Who have to make up for an industry that is about 30% short of the workers it needs from lumber. Two new cars to coffee syrup at Starbucks businesses continue to suffer major product supply chain disruptions. The issue goes back to the start of the pandemic when manufacturing shut down. But the fix is taking far too long for some businesses Co most Carlene Johnson reports, lumber prices are beginning to fall as supply picks up to meet the demand, but the ripple effect still being seen in home prices. Daniel Stanton is an expert in supply management. What we're seeing today in the construction industry. It is a bunch of this turbulence a bunch of these bullwhips That we're actually triggered by this really radical drop that we had in February, March April last year, the price of a 1600 square foot house that closed in June last year was $329,900 in Clark County. The price for that same home this month. 425,000 an increase of nearly $100,000 not just construction. You've got car dealers with hardly any new vehicles on the lot, mainly because of a global shortage of computer chips. The vehicles need Charlene Johnson. Come.

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