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This is a podcast minute media. Welcome to the matt lombardo joe harder to stacking the box podcast. Please welcome your host lombardo. What's going on everybody. You're welcome on into the met. Lombardo show right here inside. Fan sided stacking the box podcast feed. I'm inside it's national. Nfl insider lombardo and after just a wild and crazy nfl week one that saw the afc west end. The nfc west both go undefeated. We had a heck of a game on thursday night setting the stage for week two. We're gonna get into all of that and we have a really exciting show on tap we have marked schleyer with breaking down all of his favorite tailgate foods his tailgate menu and the biggest story lines that he saw coming out of the first week of the nfl. More chat with baltimore ravens. Practice squad. wide receiver devin gray. He was there. He sold that heroic monday night. Game between the ravens. And the vegas raiders. And what a thrilling finish that was and that set the stage for a really wild and zany in crazy game in the nfc east to kick off week two on thursday night football. I think you can draw some conclusions about the washington football team. And some major concerns brought to the fore for the new york giants. We're gonna get into all of that and a whole lot more throughout the course of this show but before we do as always just a little bit of housekeeping for you. If you try the podcast. I'd really love if you go ahead. And subscribe in the apple. Podcasts store spotify spreaker soundcloud. All of your favorite podcasts platforms to the stack the box. Nfl podcast to get two great nfl podcasts. To national nfl podcasts. For the price of non matt veteran. Mark karmen on tuesdays. And of course the mount lombardo show every friday and if you have the show if you really enjoy it if you can't wait for it to drop every friday morning the do me a favor. Go into apple podcasts. Store leave a five star review and an honor of march. They're talking tailgates. Give me your favorite tailgate combination in the review. Let me know what you like about the at lombardo. Show what you don't like and then the food item on the menu item that you must have at every tailgate now that we have that out of the way. What a night on thursday night and what a game. What a finish for the washington football team and we're going to get into of the implications not the least of which is taylor hynix future and the washington football teams future because of him. Prejudice have to say the final five minutes of that game might be the absolute worst coached stretch of football. That i've seen from any team out of joe jr team especially on special teams and patrick. Graham's defense look all night long and this is the second time in as many games that we've watched patrick rams defense a lot of people view patrick. Graham is a potential future head coach in the nfl especially based on the giant success. Last season what they were able to get out of their dominant defense line and after an off season where they went out and they signed. Dorie jackson. cornerback. You had a pro bowl corner on the other side and james bradberry. There was a lot of optimism about this giants defense coming into the year but after the season opener and again on thursday night you just watch as the giants defense. Can't even breathe on the quarterback. I know that aziz oj. Larry picked up his second sack in his second career. Game he sacked. Taylor heineke in the first quarter but after that heineke at all day in the pocket and the giants defense for the second week in a row gave all kinds of cushion on the outside tarry mccaren catch a touchdown in the first quarter. He averaged nine. Point six yards per reception but the way that game ended for the giants. The drive that was put together by heineke. He had a big. He had a clutch third down completion to adam humphreys to move the chains and then the wheels fell off for the giants. They had to burn a timeout with under thirty seconds to play because they didn't have enough players on the field. Then dustin hopkins runs out on the field to kick a forty eight yard or for the game winner. Misses it but texted. Horri- jumps offsides. That can't happen that's inexcusable. And that's poor executional lawrence's part but that's an undisciplined. Play for a coach. Coaching staff and a team. That stresses disciplined football. Look the giants made all kinds of mistakes all night between the coverage scheme on defense between the drop pass by darius slayton in the end zone that would have put the giants ahead. Maybe put the game out of reach and then warrants at the end of the game and the biggest moment jumping off sides. That can't happen and the giants are not talented enough to overcome those kind of mistakes. But i don't know the you can make any really broad sweeping conclusions about the giants their trajectory after this game other than patrick graham better figure this out pretty quick. The giants need to get more imaginative on offense and they need to play more disciplined football. Those are the takeaways for the new york giants. Who by the way squandered. What might have been daniel jones his finest performance as nfl quarterback he goes twenty two of thirty two two hundred. Forty nine yards touchdown. Ads nine carries ninety five yards. Is the games leading. Rusher russia's for touchdown just a great all around performance by daniel jones. And if you're looking for reasons to believe he's the quarterback of the future pop this game tape it and rewatch it. Because that will take a franchise quarterback but more importantly the washington football team might have found their long term solution at quarterback. In taylor heineke and again. I think that last year you can look at the giants. Defense is a top fifteen unit in the league. I don't know that they're quite that good this year but heineke carve them up. He showed all kinds of poison. The pocket he goes thirty four for forty six three hundred thirty six yards two touchdowns one interception ninety nine point five passer rating and maybe more importantly he did something that daniel jones is done only twice in his career and that was lead a fourth quarter comeback game. Winning drive any did it in his first regular season start. I look at what happened on thursday night from washington football team perspective and this is a team that over the next three years. We need to start talking about legitimately competing for super bowls. I think they're a step below the tampa. Bay buccaneers are step below. Maybe the dallas cowboys. But maybe not with all the injuries the cowboys have but in an nfc. That's very wide open safe for the nfc west. Which we're gonna talk about in-depth later in this podcast washington has to be considered in the upper echelon you have arguably a top three defensive line in the league and they made their presence felt i know the giants have one of the worst offensive lines in football but montana. Sweat had a sack. On thursday night chase yang was consistently in the backfield thursday night eases disruptive as it gets there both potential defensive player of the year candidates for multiple years. But if you can continue to build around a quarterback and they went on their boorda short-term band and ryan fitzpatrick but if you can build around the quarterback who's making less than two million dollars a year over the next three years and you nucleus already includes chased young montas sweat terry maclaurin and antonio gibson and jerk mckissick who had a really performance in his own right five catches eighty three yards for russia's for ten yards a touchdown if that's your core today and you have all of the flexibility financially because you're not tied to a quarterback and you're not going to be tied for to a quarterback for the foreseeable future and you have ron rivera as a head coach. Yeah i think this is a team that people need to wake up and pay attention to and i know they let the chargers off the hook but the chargers they're asleep or team in the afc. It's a shame. The chargers have to play. Patrick mahomes twice a year in the kansas city chiefs twice a year but they may.

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