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What is it three decades? Now you just add more for hacking yes. I'm for it I mean come on I mean this is I'm like I really am like I'm one of those people believe. Why why do we have to wait until late? April they have a draft. It drives me nuts. But I know it works with the NFL calendar and it certainly works with our calendar at ESPN in terms of just generate a lot of interest. And unfortunately because of the Covert Nineteen Virus Pandemic You know it's it's GonNa be you know there's GonNa be a lot of people watching that's fortunate versus a network but You know it's driving me nuts. I'm tired of talking to two teams or even even reading stuff you know. It's like okay. The Miami Dolphins aren't taken to aren't taking too you know they're taking Herbert. You hear so much you figure its ally only find out that you know. They really might not take them You know as far as the chaos. I think it's funny. Yesterday I got the same texts from different people. Early on that Adam schefter. You gotten other other reporter's got that they already had a big glitch and you know took twenty minutes to get the first pick on But it actually went smoothly. The rest of the way there will be some chaos They agree but the League's agree to kind of stop the clock if they really think that they trade is needs a little more time to be executed. I've heard that most people believe the chaos would be on day tree rather than day one. But I am advocating some hacking and I would vote to take the lead on this. Give me something when you take Stu gods who would you take with the jets pick? I would take one of those three wide receivers. I like judy the best but I don't care which one we get in fact board. I would take that second pick in the first round. Combine it with a second round your next year. I would trade up. I would take both Alabama receivers and that would be the best wide receiver tandem. The jets ever had period. I'm sorry I asked all right. Dan I mean more more. It was it. Look did you see oh God himself worked up and then boom boom trade for a couple of skill guys the jets fan. You've known that my sincere here. What are the things that you're hearing more? That could surprise us. Are there like I understand that? Everyone lies and mysteries and smokes. But you're super informed and you're super plugged in so like what are some of the things that you're hearing. That people aren't noticing enough I really believe I've persistently been hearing that to a tongue of Iowa really could slide in this draft and it bothers me But I don't know why bothers me? I mean I I I have nothing to gain from it but But I know this much. The guy had a workout less than five months from his hip surgery. That people were saying well he'd have trouble walking But I do hear that the dolphins who really are you know you know. They'll they may do this thing where we don't want drew brees. We don't want to take Justin Herbert or we'll take or take a tackle the you you hear that and then number six with the chargers you think well to the natural Well you know I think they have other plans you know and then then you actually. I just got off the phone with somebody when you actually try and find a team like okay. What if he slides past the charges that six? You Know Jacksonville. Take him at nine. Don't think so I mean they got guard dementia. Why would you take him And then Andy. Oh that he can really sly. And I were talking about the scenario that Peter King used in his mouth draft. Where all of a sudden. It's like you know the New England Patriots. You'RE GONNA GET UP. I I don't you so that's the one thing that I think. The biggest question mark is legitimate is will to a slide in this draft in how many many teams were going to be ragging on two years from now when he's tearing up the leak. What can we examined for a second? Why it makes you mad because you are grizzled hardened reporter. You are a uniformly objective. Are You mad because Herbert is just one of these guys? Who looks the prototype and to a? We all knew was better before he got injured. So you're like that's not fair that he's injured knees draft. You know he's dropping past the you know the guy who's just the prototype of quarterback has always looked like well. I have a lot of respect for the medical community and the people who have been involved in in to Rehab and and who have who've had access to scan so some of the top hip specialists and the and the country that the NFL uses as their own have specialists who they'd recommend who ends to find your bell or you know injury Expert Medical. She's well-connected she wrote an article a week ago. Having these these doctors on their record and so it's Kinda like I I always I think if mad or agitated by teams that operate in fair. You know you know it's like you know Matthew Stafford never missed a game at Georgia missed. Nineteen Games his first two years and then went eight years without getting hurt again. You know Andrew Luck was the all time horse no real medical history and the guy's retired or they because he took such a beating. There's an element of luck in this stuff but the medical is onto our so encouraging and with doctors on the record that You know if you don't like him as a prize a quarterback that I can understand that if about the medical is which it is were a couple of things I've heard Then you to me you. You OPERATE SCARED. And if you're if you operate scared to me you're not gonNA you're not GonNa win in this league more. Why is Cam Newton still a free agent and Wendy signs? Who Do you think he's most likely to sign with He's he's free eighty right now because he is one case where you want your team doctors to to to to take a good look at them and so not being able to get in a building. is is one part of it when he signs you know. I've always thought the charges made sense but Anthony Lynn the coast there. The charges loves him. Some tyrod Taylor believes he can win and not just win with for one year but beyond that But that the charges make a lot of sense to me because he likes quarterback move around and You know let's see what the draft draft plays out but I mean to me. It was a little bit of a sign of red flag with the Washington redskins. Have Dwayne Hassans okay? I don't know that you're GONNA make it. You know they. They bring in Cairo Alan and they think cow maybe the starter at the start of the season. That's where I'm Rivera's is coach from the Carolina. So but I do think we'll find out on on Cam sometime shortly after the draft and I think between him and Jameis Winston by the way they're going to have to be willing to sign one of those short term contracts and then I don't know where he's going to end up I'll give them do the jets boo who's live with the jets damn on again and we love having a name more. Thank you sir. I GUYS TAKE CARE. Have a good day. Espn radio is presented by progressive. At Jarrett's here's your sports interrupdate. Draymond Green opened up about the warriors drama of last season saying that Kevin Durant taking a one year deal was quote the elephant in the room as the team kept wondering what is all season decision was going to be. Yanni in Gawk way wants out of Jacksonville and made his feelings known to VP. Football Business and technology. Tony Kahn in a twitter back and forth and finally an estimated one in fifty women and one in one hundred men have a third nipple. I feel like that's about the ten time you've read that particular I I i. Don't I believe that's the historic ten times? You've I believe you did that last month. You did a third nipple reference Strom as I told you that everyone in the future had a third nipple. He did tell you that but I was thinking the same thing. I have read that story now like fifteen. I'm totally with you on that for all the latest headlines and information but each time I read it. I am shocked by it for headlines. Information during the sportscenter on. Espn radio all throughout the day. It's because you don't retain and we are awaiting the Director of the Michael Jordan Documentary Bristol. Do we have him or are we waiting? Okay we've got him. Jason Air did the documentary that everyone is talking about. We'll make fun of Greg Cody in a second here. Because the way he ended that segment was really historically spectacularly funding and bad But before we do that I wanted to talk to Jason Air. Thank you for being on with us. have you been surprised at how universal sports fans are in praising you when sports fans can't agree about anything that's a good point Yeah it's been really gratifying for the entire team. We've been in a cave for the last two years watching these things ad nauseam so after a while you start to think like this and they're gonNA think it's boring 'cause we've seen it hundreds of times literally so To have people see it with fresh eyes in to be able to see it through. Their franchises is really gratifying. When you hear the numbers on the ratings and you see that. Espn had more than six million people watching. And it said all sorts of records Is that about what you guys were expecting. When you embarked on this I honestly. I don't even understand when it's like a three point three or whatever you guys would know that 'cause it's more like TV executive stuff or are you guys have Shows that you do every day where you probably pay attention to that stuff. We just have our head down and we're trying to make the best product possible so it sounds like a big number and and they tell me that that it's a big number. It's really nice to get emails and notes from executives and people who You know stick their their professional lives on that. So that's great too but We're just kind of In the in the back of the shop trying to make this stuff and get it out front. What would you say is something that as up to now has hurt you to leave out as a story line because if you interviewed one hundred and six people you talk to Michael Jordan for eight hours over three sessions like you have way more than you need there? What hurt to keep out of the film There were several stories that that I would love to put in the interesting part about when you do something for ESPN is. It has to be an espn our with women. Commercials is fifty minutes on the dot so it would be like if I told you you had to write a book and it's ten chapters long in every single chapter has to be twenty pages. It can't be more than twenty pages and can't be less. Some some chapters should be more than twenty and some should be less than twenty but we have to hit these things on the dot so an example would be from episode one Michael's rise. Everyone knows the story of him. Being Cut We had to cover that. But but that's that's kind of common knowledge but but his rise between sophomore year and senior year His high school coach Finagling to get him into five star basketball camp by lying about his He was embellishing his stats just to get him in there because he was not on the map at all. No one was coming down to look at high school kids with Wilmington North Carolina. He was there for a week. And that's what his parents could afford and he did so well that first week that he got. Mvp The entire camp and you had Patrick Ewing and Len bias and some other guys were at the camp as well but Michael. Blew everybody away or Mike. At that. Point blew everybody away so they. They begged him to stay for a second week because more guys wanted to see him play more more College coaches want to see him play and the parents that we can't afford it.

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