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Been used in many human clinical trials to all these stage we're talking about they've been used in many in clinical trials that gives you all different types of information and evidence it gives you information on evidence on the correct dosage so i know exactly how much you beckham all to give somebody to keep them healthy i know exactly how much of this product it's called bio kirkman five lakh shen to give somebody to help their shore knee it's been proven in human clinical trials so when you do your clinical trials it gives you the dosage how often you should take it what's right that should be that gives you safety information at a tells you hey does it work shall we noticed product is safe we know how much to give are we know it works so let me read you some of the studies it's called bio curcumin five locks him to urge to plant that have been used for thousands of years by humans to retain their health the buyer curcumin has been used in aerobatic medicine for a couple of thousand years the five lakh shenice from a biblical plan franken show so it's the curry herb but it's a well absorbed form shooting the normal career and in the five lakh shin is the best of the best out of the frankencense point and i have multiple studies on these together or separately together or separately i used to fire curcumin file auction for any kind of arthritis it doesn't replace the drugs i mean sometimes it's enough like if you have pain in your knee might be that might be all you need because it's been shown to inhibit the inflammation to block the damage that occurs in your joint to the cartilage and help regenerate health and the joint show the buyer curcumin five lacson i use it for any kind of arthritis but some types of oth rightish are really dangerous really dangerous like ankylosing spondylitis confuse your.

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