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World here's Dan Schwarzenegger. Thanks, Brian. Two seed Rafa Nadal winning his first round match at Wimbledon in four sets while one big upset does go down at 60 Felix aux alias Seema falls in four sets unseated American maxime cressy. Two small upsets also occurring as 18 C Grigor Dimitrov retires from his match in the second set to Steve Johnson while 24 seat holger rune falls in trade sets to Marcus giron. Moving on to the second round includes fourth seat stephanos to pass 11 sea to Taylor Harry Fritz 12 C Diego Schwartzman and 13 seated Dennis Shapovalov. In the women's rosina Williams comeback is cut short as the 23 time Grand Slam winner loses in the first round to harmony Tim in three sets. Williams has not played competitive singles since last year Wimbledon due to injuries. Meanwhile, topsy to dig a tech wins at 35th match in a row, winning in straight sets advanced this second round while 11 seed coco Goff meets three sets to move on to round two. Other notable winners include fourth sea Paolo badosa, they've seen Maria sakari 12 CD Elena asta Panko 13 C Barbara Kraków and 16 seats Simona Halep. The Utah Jazz finishing up a 5 year offer to Boston Celtics assistant coach will hardy to make the 34 year old their head coach replacing Quinn Snyder who resigned earlier this month. Hardy who will be the league's youngest head coach was one of four finalists for the vacancy. Finally, the Washington commanders and wide receiver Terry mclaurin have reached an agreement on a three year contract extension worth $71 million. I'm Dan schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports op day. Markets, headlines, and breaking news 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business app and at Bloomberg quick tape This is a Bloomberg business flash. Hi everybody, 13 minutes before the top of the hour, we update markets every quarter hour here on Bloomberg radio. Down volume on the New York Stock Exchange was tripled out of up volume that tells you the story, the S&P 500 down 2% or so, the NASDAQ down 3%. We have a lot more concerns now with about a gloomy, economic outlook globally, and more talk of U.S. recession, U.S. consumer expectations down to the lowest in about a decade, South Korean consumers are also pessimistic. The sentiment index there dropped to 96.4 this month from one O 2.6. Also, the rise in oil prices and other commodities restock to concerns about inflation not that they really went away, but we had seen a period when commodities had weakened and some investors had hoped that, you know, that was a harbinger of more to come. The concerns in the market outweighed China's move to reduce quarantine times for inbound travelers, that step had lifted hopes of a shift away from COVID zero policies. Chinese officials either because of hubris, they didn't want to admit that they were making a big change or perhaps it's actually what they're saying is that the decision was not a sign of reopening. It was just based on a shorter incubation period of the omicron variant. So that may take a little bit of the sort of heat out of the rallies that we saw yesterday the CSI 300 was up more than 1% and the Hangzhou index valid. The futures today are decidedly lower. All the N one 36 O 7, the big short, the big Japan short, still very much in play there. And the yield on the ten year treasury now 3.17% WTI, one 1189 a barrel. So a lot of crosscurrents in markets may be no discernible trend at the moment. All right, that is a check of markets. Let's get the latest in headline news. Here's a Baxter in San Francisco. All right, Brian, the congressional January 6th committee witnessed Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson saying the president wanted guns to let be let into his rally to take down the monitoring machines

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