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Stu gods on ESPN radio. So we'll get to stand van Gundy's hot basketball nuggets in a second. But before we do that we were talking yesterday Stu gods? About the idea that you can't just parachute in to an NBA finals after not playing for a while and be yourself and up to speed and even be able to keep up stamina wise and so- cousins comes out yesterday, and he gives them eight minutes, and he does nothing while he's out there because the games moving very fast, and it's hard to simulate and rehab how fast the game is moving. But STAN, what I wanted to ask you is there now. Reports coming out that the warriors are positive that Kevin Durant will appear here before the end of this series and given the injury, how long it normally takes and given that it is hard to just descend out of the sky and play in the finals. What is reasonable to expect from Kevin Durant when he does return? Well, I mean for most people, you wouldn't expect a whole lot, but it's Kevin Durant. I mean this guy's been incredible. Every time he stepped on a cord is entire career. So my expectations would be that he'd play really well, and he'll probably come back and dropped twenty five points in and make an incredible contribution to them. The question to me that that's more valid is win. Is he going to come back? In other words, if they get too far down in this series, it may not make a difference, even if he can help them. I think he needs to come back. Like if he can, I imagine? Kevin Durant is begging people. Hey, I wanna come back. I'm ready to go right now. This is the perfect opportunity for Kevin Durant to come back because Dan, I'm telling you, you don't wanna come back after the team's winning. You wanna come back after a loss of people are starting to question, the Golden State Warriors, and I'll tell you, if the rant comes back and they win and real off four straight win the title eight six game. Seventy it doesn't even matter, he'll finally, get the validation that he's so badly covets it hasn't received since he joined the Golden State Warriors. I'd come back tomorrow. Well, that's if he can. I mean, the good party doesn't care about that part the if he hadn't part doesn't, whether I can or not if I want the validation, I'm even if I went onto the court and give them a Willis Reed minutes enough. Yeah, yeah, he was Riedel help them enough. I agree. I just love that. He has to come back and you don't care about the if he can't. Time now for standby detail. I'm now for standing Gundy's basketball nuggets in your face. And now time for in goodies top NBA nuggets Sony Friday shoe. The thing. Stand. Is there a theme this week there is how important is game one in the NBA fine? Oh. Downright to God says a pen down for some reason name one writing this down seventy one percent of the time. Yes, I don't I hope you don't ruin it. Number three, the third best nugget, according to STAN Van Gundy is in the last forty years. The home team is one game one thirty one times in gone on to win the championship. Twenty four of those thirty one years. However, in the last eight years, the winner of game one has won the series four times and lost the series four times. One percent Mike. But stand updated it to give you last eight four and four. That was a big. However, yes, I think, however, fifty fifty there in the last date stand, the second best knocked it is the last four times the team without homecourt advantage in the finals has won the championship they have done. So after losing game one in fact two of the last four teams to win the championship despite not having homecourt advantage. Have lost the first two games on the road, the Cavs in twenty sixteen in the heat in two thousand and six. Stand is making the argument against his Toronto Raptors pick. And the number one nugget from STAN Van Gundy is we're homecourt advantage..

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