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By the pickle deals on December on Christmas Eve, you have to buy them on December twenty second or something. So that you have time to prepare them and put them in on on ice for a couple of days before you eat them. The it's a it's a tiny detail that you would never never survive. I mean, you would never know that that was true of Italian talian American communities live two hundred years ago, except that it's important in a crime story. That's why crime stories are these little. There's a flash of light. That eliminates the details of of. Something that would otherwise be totally forgotten. I think that brings us very effectively to Visca Iowa, and the the crime story, which as you pointed out earlier is the one that starts to to give away. The communities are already catching on at this point to the fact that there's a killer on the railways take us take us through what happened invalid. On the night of June nine one thousand nine hundred twelve the lights were out in Felicita due to a a dispute between the Velazquez city council and the power company, so they had city lights and street lights, but they were out and the town was in complete darkness is this Sunday night. That was a church service. I a Sunday night church service organized by one of the victims. The woman who was the head of the house after the. After the service. I didn't get into this in the book. But I think it's true. I don't believe the voice murders would ever have happened when they did had the lights been on. And the reason that was true is that he had committed another atrocity just six days earlier about a hundred miles away. And he normally would not have. Had another outrage that quickly, but because the lights the city was plunged into darkness. It was a perfect opportunity for him. And he couldn't pass it up anyway, re two little girls named Anna Lena, still injure went home with a more family, the family of Henry Moore, they walked home after the church service, and and the little girl spent the night with their friends. The little.

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